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  1. @JCPalmer yes, I was just documenting what I found should others read this. Typescript was complaining because they are different types (which is a good thing!). I noticed that Typescript generated the same Javascript code no matter which of the two typecasting methods were used. I guess the typecasting method is just a matter of taste... bws.
  2. I read everything I could and wasn't able to get a simple set-up going. My goal is to develop in Typescript using Babylon 3. I followed this tutorial https://trymnilsen.com/articles/2017-06/babylonjs-typescript-setup I did this tutorial and it worked with the current versions (as of today) of all the packages e.g. Typescript 2.4.1 and BabylonJS 3.0.7. Except, in file package.json I made them all devDependencies (except BabylonJS which I made a regular dependency). I also modified the path to babylon.js in file index.html and the path to babylon.d.ts in file game.ts to suit. However I
  3. Playing around with a turn-based Dungeon Crawler game.

  4. Thank-you for all of that. I will do it. (and more!). Cheers.
  5. bws


    ah thanks *blush*
  6. Hi, I would like to develop a game in Babylon but I would like to use typescript. Is there any 'getting started' guide? ( as i wasn't able to find any). If there isn't, can I please be pointed in the right direction as to how to go about doing this? If I get responses, I would be happy to submit a tutorial to assist others. Also, is there a way where one can provide/submit tutorials? Thanks, bws.
  7. Hi, Just wanting to suggest a 'Roadmap' section is made in the Github documentation. Just so we know what *might* be comming in the next version(s) of Babylon. Cheers.
  8. The answer is no you don't need JQuery as this has been answered already here by Deltkosh
  9. Hi, I'm CDN'ing in Babylon 2.4 and I'm wanting to know about pep Do i need to include jquery before i include pep in order for it to be useful like the pep docs say i should ? Thanks.
  10. Wow! Thanks for the detailed answer - certainly lots of options to play with there. I'll definitely check them out.... cheers as well Midnight. My first attempts will probably be the 'manual' 2D texture-with-parent option, followed by bGUI. Thanks peeps.
  11. Thanks dad72 and Ahiru. I would need to do it like you suggested as i need to set the Side Orientation parameter on my Meshes. JohnK - thanks for your detailed answer. I didn't know you could do var cuboid = new BABYLON.Mesh(name, scene); in Babylon. This will also help me in my understanding of scaling with textures (I'm a bit new to 3D!). Convergence - yes a standard primitive. A benefit that I can think of is to assist with any texture scaling issues. I would like my textures to be of a 'certain' level of quality, thus pixelation could be somewhat managable should I know my size of my c
  12. Hi, I'm looking at the excellent example at http://playground.babylonjs.com/#HSVQL (lines 118-130) and was wanting to know if there was a way to attach an action to a Dynamic Texture (line 118), or it's related 'context' (line 126) ? I was wanting to use this idea in an in-game 'menu', and be able to display a set of options, you know, like a menu... and the user to be able to select one. I'm using a ArcRotateCamera and love how the text is always facing the user. I believe that an ActionManager is only attachable to a Mesh (and not a DynamicTexture), and the canvas CanvasRend
  13. Hi, I can create a 'cube' that is 10x10x10 by doing: var box = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox("box", 10.0, scene);but how do I create a 3D rectangle that is 10x20x5 ? I can't see anything in the BABYLON.Mesh,CreateXXX( name, ... ); methods !?! Thanks, bws.
  14. Oh thanks! I only just solved this myself by simply setting the sideOrientation parameter to BABYLON.Mesh.BACKSIDE. In other words, instead of var box = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox("box", 10.0, scene);you put var box = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox("box", 10.0, scene, false, BABYLON.Mesh.BACKSIDE );It was exactly what I was after. Thank-you for your response Convergence.
  15. Hi, Just wanting some guidance here... I'm new to 3D Web development and Babylon I'm wanting to create a 'room' with objects in it with the arc camera. The room is shaped as a simple 3D rectangle (as you would expect a room to be). When the user looks at the room from a short distance, I'm wanting the walls to be transparent (so the user can see inside the room), however the walls at the very back to be visible. When the camera spins around the room (180 degrees for example), the same thing is to apply. Similarly with the floor and the roof by moving up and down. How can I achieve
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