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  1. Yes it's more or less a prototype. The problem I'm having is two-fold. Trying to make it fun, and trying to make Phaser easier for me to work with which I guess means learning it better.
  2. High Dive Club Play High Dive Club Source Code - Here's the source code. I'm finding it very hard to work quickly using SublimeText and not a proper IDE with Auto Complete. I have come from using XNA where auto complete is very good, and it shows the doc strings. Maybe I need to move to Visual Studio and TypeScript? What does everyone else think? Also, if you look at my code and it's a mess and want to help turn this game into something better, let's talk! Initials Video Games Home Page - my blog, other projects etc. My other games Oh yeah, pixel art by Justin Cyr Any comments grea
  3. I made a game called Soul Harvester with Phaser. I put the code up here: It doesn't conform to your specs for a few reasons: Not well commentedUses many assets that aren't already included Also, it uses many classes that are all defined in the one file. There's got to be a much better way to do that, but I couldn't figure it out. To be honest, it's not the best "example" and I don't want any money for it, but I thought I'd throw it up in case it's useful. Play it: http://initialsgames.com/soul/index.php?f=haunting.js&d=haunting Code: https://github.com/initials/Haunting
  4. Really appreciate you taking the time to play it and critique it. It looks like you found a bug re: spawned Soul Harvester on the top floor/ground. I thought I had some code to stop spawning up there because it was possible to get a kill/respawn loop. Good to know that's something I need to fix. With Phaser 0.9.5 there's now tilemapping, so I'll have a lot more control of the random level. > tower defense game and a platformer This is something I've wanted to do for a while, and I think it can make a very interesting game, that would work well on tablets. Thanks for playing!
  5. I made my first game with Phaser called Soul Harvester. People have been complaining about lack of instructions. Click to release a Soul Harvester. Don't let the other characters touch the prism. http://initialsgames.com/soul/index.php?f=haunting.js&d=haunting
  6. Wow these updates are amazing. I got my first "game" out using Phaser over the weekend, but now that tilemaps with collision are working, I think I might be able to update it. What I'd really like to do is write a solid demo game, open source, that uses my Super Lemonade Factory sprites and tiles. The most helpful thing for me learning Flixel was having the Mode demo available. All of the other code snippets were helpful, but the number of times I referred to Mode to see how to do something made it a great resource. I think with tilemaps working I'll be able to start working on this demo
  7. Phaser is awesome! I made a jam game for Ludum Dare. My first time using Phaser, and I guess since I'm so familiar with Flixel it was easy to jump right in and get a good game happening. Here's my first game: http://initialsgames.com/soul/index.php?f=haunting.js&d=haunting Good luck with yours.
  8. I've put this into the github issue tracker, but thought I'd post it here too. The first time I call: myGame.sound.play('gameOver', 0.1, false); the volume is ignored and is played at volume=1. Subsequent times it is played, the volume param works.
  9. initials

    0.9.3 Update

    Amazing update. Extra thanks for including ability to load maps from Tiled, which is a great editor. Just wondering if you plan to include a demo that would show how to subclass a Phaser.Sprite, for example if you wanted to have your ship in Blastoids as a file called "Ship.ts" in the Scroll Zones folder. I spent a bit of time on it, reading about Internal Named Modules, but I couldn't really find an elegant solution. It's an amazing framework, and congratulations. I hope your HTML5 business is doing well!
  10. If you're having build errors with this release, go into Tests > Misc > Screen grab.ts and exclude that file from the project. It doesn't exist and was cause my test suite to not build.
  11. These are some of the features of Flixel that are really great to have and I was going to post about them but you've fixed them before I could even complain! One thing that the tests don't show how to do is use inheritance to create a subclass of Sprite outside of Phaser namespace. For example, if you've got a Player character and you want that to be a class that inherits from Sprite but has it's own set of actions. You can see how that's done looking at the Sprite class, but I'm sure it's just a small modification outside of the Phaser namespace.
  12. I've made a quick guide for getting started with Phaser. It's incomplete, but it's how I got up and running. I've put this up because a few of things tripped me up, and maybe it will help some web tech newbies get started instead of asking Photonstorm and this board the same questions I faced. Here's the link. http://initialscommand.com/main/?p=729
  13. Thanks, I've used Xampp before and it worked straight away, unlike IIS which I still don't understand. I am up and running with Phaser, and working on doing some demos with my Super Lemonade Factory sprites.
  14. Thanks everyone. I'm sticking with Visual Studio for now. I'm a hobbyist with HTML5 so I don't need full power right now. I'm still having trouble with IIS, it displays my main .php file as plain text. I'm googling, but if this is a simple problem let me know. Oh, I already installed php5
  15. Awesome help here! Thanks. This is going to get me on my way. Webstorm seems to be popular, but I'm going to start with Visual Studio for web. I'm still new to HTML5 so thanks to everyone for helping get me started.
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