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  1. It looks awesome ramspeed, well-polished mini matching game.
  2. I think you can see their local community is in 9leap, even though it's not a forum, that's all I can find.
  3. Anno8


    Thanks for the suggestions bruno_! I'll think about it. Currently busy revamping my website for the whole week (and it's finally up! even though with just 1 game exists...) while finishing my next game that is overdue.
  4. Anno8


    Hi! just a quick gameplay update. I've increased the resolution, therefore automatically makes the hand smaller, which increases the difficulty as well. Enjoy! I'll follow up with the sound anytime soon.
  5. Anno8


    Thank you for your feedback and the device test guys! Good ideas. I'll think about the hand to be smaller, cause the sense was I'm trying exaggerate the size of it for the sake of visual, but I do realize that affects the gameplay as well. I'll probably add somekind of a bug (real bug, lol) where a player should not smack, that if he/she does, the hand goes smaller. About the sound I haven't find any good quality free for commercial use "bzzt" and splash. But I still keep looking for it. Any recommendation where I can find a vast of sound library? Even is not enough for me.
  6. Anno8


    Wow that's nice! Thanks for playing! I've made slight changes in case you're playing it again. The abberant (green one) can now be more than one per session and its spawn rate is slightly increased; the black one spawn rate is increased (hopefully it swarms in the end as expected ).
  7. Anno8


    MosquiNo! Play it here. Smash these mosquitos before they do horrible things to you! There are 4 kind of mosquitos to fight! Mostly annoying so I hope you enjoy it. Introducing the mosquitos:Normal - The one that is slow but comes in numbers.Pinky - Fast! The one who will get through your defenses.Abberant - This green one is smarter than you think.Mosquilla - The big boss. Very slow and just takes time to die. Update/Fixes 10/6/2015 - Increased the resolution to 480 x 690 (flexible to 480 x 854), which also makes the hand smaller, hence greater difficulty. 11/9/2015 Gameplay - The maximum number of abberant (green) mosquitos is increased per session- Slightly increase the spawn rate of abberant mosquitos- Increases the spawn rate of normal (black) mosquitos Technical - Screen should now be flexible for all mobile devices (no more black borders on portrait orientation) Device Compatibility Recommended: iPod Touch 5 (iOS 8, Safari) Playable & Tested: iPod Touch 5 (iOS 8, Safari), iPod Touch 4 (iOS 6, Safari), Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Stock, Chrome), Asus ZenFone 4 (Stock, Chrome), Lenovo P70-A (Stock, Chrome), iPhone 4, Galaxy Tab 2 --- I made this quick casual game yesterday, also to familiarize myself with Cocos2d-JS and get back on track on HTML5 web game development. I was a user here but I kinda forget my account so here's a new one with a game. Along with new identity as anno8. so I hope it's okay. I haven't setup my direct website yet, so here's the Facebook page: Like it if you want to know every progress of each new game as I use it as my devlog! My plan is to create new playable mobile web games every week, so I supposedly be posting more games by next week, hopefully with a better quality. If you have any feedback, or have issues on your phone/mobile devices, please let me know cause it will help me judge the game engine, and of course, the game itself. Thank you!