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  1. Just want to bump this.. ​ ​The Zynga Scroller isn't easily ported.. just spent some time trying to get it, and couldn't get it to properly scroll, without it going exponentially as I click and held the scroll. ​ ​I'm not the only one who's had a problem, as a tutorial linked from phaser on a scrolling list, also mentions issues with the zynga scroller. ( http://yusyuslabs.com/tutorial-momentum-scrolling-inside-scrollable-area-with-phaser-js/ ) ​ ​And their tutorial doesn't work well either, it's super choppy and has the exponential scrolling speed issue. ​ ​I'm shocked there isn't a better tutorial on this, as it seems most games have a scrollable inventory/market list.. any help would be appreciated. ​ ​Also, Nicholss "Phaser-Kinetic-Scrolling-Plugin" only works on the entire world camera. He doesn't have any examples of doing it just on a Display Container / Sprite..
  2. Nicholls, can you add one example of having a phaser group, be scrollable, and not the entire game world?