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  1. It does work by creating the game world with 0 gravity but is there another way?
  2. Below is the code I used to create the floor in Panda.js v1.x The issue I seem to be having in 2.x is that the floor​ is now affected by physics/gravity and falls down. How could I make it stick in place? this.world = new game.World(0, 2500);var floorBody = new game.Body({ position: { x: game.system.width / 2, y: game.system.height }, collisionGroup: 1});var floorShape = new game.Rectangle(game.system.width, 50);floorBody.addShape(floorShape);this.world.addBody(floorBody);
  3. Thanks again seems pretty straightforward. Port from v1 is going well.
  4. I used TilingSprite.speed property to animate background in 1.0. This doesn't seem to be available in 2.0. What is the proper alternative?
  5. @Ninjadoodle Ya it helps, figured out I need to pull it out of it's repository : https://github.com/ekelokorpi/panda.js-engine/tree/develop @Enpu Thanks that worked. Your library and your help on the forum is appreciated.
  6. I've downloaded Pandajs but I can't find the version number anywhere. Because of this I'm confused about version 1 vs version 2. Where should I look for?