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  1. Hi, I wanted to show my first game html5 game. It is written in angularJS and uses CSS for responsiveness. It looks like that: It has got: webpage: http://squaredlines.com/ playstore page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linessquared and as I am posting it in Html5GameDev community, I made it available in the browser: http://squaredlines.com/stratagemone/ on the page there is also twitter/facebook. I wanted to write a game for like two years, since I like a game. Nine months ago I have been discussing media and mathematics with my friend. We were talking about c
  2. Hey! I have build my first game with css/html5/angularjs, as I wanted to learn a bit more than just to make sense and after reading a bit on CSS it did make sense. I used flexbox/vmins/vmax. It does work and was pretty responsive. Yet, I do not know what to to with it (I have published it on android using cordova/crosswalk in the end), as most distributing chains use canvas. I wanted to send it to clay.io, as they seem to publish css games, but I got no answer. I am writing a bit longer post for showcase, but I have installed it on my server for the html5 community to check out: http://squar
  3. I am happy to present a js13k reversed version of my latest&first android game - Squared Lines js13k reversed. It was written in canvas with no libs/engines in 2 days. I do not know how does it work, but I think it is quite enjoyable, especially after level 25. I had no time to add animations/sound. Game/Github/Twitter links: http://js13kgames.com/entries/squared-lines-js13k-reversed Original version has been written in HTML5/Angular JS/DOM/CSS and uses cordova/crosswalk. I think I might write a larger post about it, as the configuration was quite mad. Its webpage is: www.square
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