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  1. [SOLVED] If anyone is interested, I was able to figure it out. Here is an updated example. http://phaser.io/sandbox/eVRomvWt/play
  2. Does anyone know how to rotate a sprite from it's current rotation? I'm having a Math brain fart. Here is my Sandbox example of the issue: http://phaser.io/sandbox/HhWNhhmR/play The sprite rotates around it's center when you drag it, but it always snaps to the mouse. How can we rotate it from where it currently is? I would love to have it respond in a similar way that PropellerJS works. As a bonus, it would be awesome to add the inertia and stepped angle constraints. Thanks!
  3. This solution works great, @george. But what if we wanted the sprite to respond to a mouse drag while rotating? Sort of like a dial or knob that you can rotate and it locks to your cursor when you spin it. Even having momentum if you flick it fast and let go, like a roulette wheel. What would that look like?
  4. Awesome! Can't wait to try it in the next build. Thanks Raanan!!!!
  5. Here is a Playground that shows the issue as well. On iOS 10, you can see the red heart in the video (once it loads). When you tap the screen to enable the video to play, the heart turns blue. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#CHQ4T#1
  6. Also to note, this is happening with the DeviceOrientationCamera for me.
  7. I'm getting the same issue. However it is only happening for me on iOS 10. iOS 11 looks fine. But I'm still searching for a fix for iOS 10!
  8. @Ludei Has the issue with Cocoon cutting off the last 200ms of audio been fixed? Or at least a workaround? With the latest versions of Cocoon and Phaser, this is still happening for me where the audio is being cut off at the end. Happens on audio that isn't being paused/resumed or looping. Thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Did you ever find a workaround for the issue of the audio getting cut off at the end?
  10. This works great, but not on iOS. Anyone know how to change the pitch on iOS devices? Thanks.
  11. How about adding a boolean that you can keep track of so it only adds it once? // this will only run once if(!window.keysAdded){ // add your keyboard listeners here. window.keysAdded = true; }
  12. Doh!! I didn't check the thread category. It is Phaser. So sorry.
  13. You'll want to reset the keyboard when your current state shuts down. shutdown: function(){ if (this.game.device.desktop){ var keyboard = this.game.input.keyboard; keyboard.reset(); keyboard.stop(); } }
  14. What mode do you have the Phaser renderer in? Canvas or WebGL? Then there is the mode within Cocoon, which is either Canvas+ or WebView. I'm having good results using Phaser Canvas and Canvas+ in Cocoon. Setting screencanvas to true to increase performance in Canvas+ (https://docs.cocoon.io/article/screencanvas/) game.canvas.screencanvas = true
  15. I'm trying to set the alpha on a sprite that has nested black&white images within. The images overlap. When I set the sprite's alpha to 0.5, I see all of the nested images within in. In the Flash days, we would set the sprite's blendmode to "LAYER", which would precompose the sprite before setting it's alpha. Flash Reference: BlendMode.LAYER ("layer"): Used to force the creation of a temporary buffer for precomposition for a particular display object. Is there something similar that we can do in Phaser?
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