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  1. Well, I have the blue ones that intersect the line but not the blue ones that don't. I'm trying to get the blue ones I don't have
  2. So to render my game I have a imaginary triangle that gets all the objects in a 2d array in front of the player. So I can get all the objects that intersect the red triangle. But how do I get the ones inside the triangle?
  3. should it be mapArray[x][y]instead of mapArray[y][x]
  4. Does anybody know of a html example of landscaping?(http://www.icemark.com/tower/landscaping.htm) If so post link.
  5. thatguy64

    video sequences

    Maybe, but if it was a canvas element I wouldn't have to mess with css.
  6. thatguy64

    video sequences

    So I'm getting to a point in my game where I'm mostly done with the mechanics and I want start putting in video sequences in between the levels. But I don't know how, I was wondering if something like this would work: var v = new Video();v.src = "mov_bbb.mp4";var c = document.getElementById("myCanvas");var ctx = c.getContext("2d");v.play();function render(){ ctx.drawImage(v, 0, 0);}setInterval(render,100); If not, how may I accomplish this?
  7. Thank you it worked but there is now a weird blank spot where the map is not drawing
  8. I'm sorry i'm having a hard time conveying my question all I need to do is rotate the image, then take the rotated image and put it into a function I've written which skews it. I just need to know how to rotate it then take the rotated image and put it into a image object.
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