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  1. awesome site and great music here. thank you for sharing it. I added it to my fav and will remember when making new game
  2. I gave my contact on website but I will add here too. Feel free to contact me on Agata_san_4(@) And here is my progress example:
  3. Hello, I'm AgataKa and I'm working as game artist for over 7 years. I have more than 20 finished games already, working for a small budget games to big, year long projects. I'm always trying to make my games looks best. I was working in html company for 2 years. You can check our games here: I have also experience in java games, flash, native android and iphone games. Mostly for smartphones and tablets but also for pc (facebook). I made one card game too. Please look at my portfolio website: I work for 20$ for hour. Can be paid via bank transfer or paypal. Contact me if You are interested Here few examples: