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  1. Low power mode throttles the FPS. could very well be that if perf seems fine generally!
  2. Calling all HTML5 game developers! Here at Goodboy Digital we are looking for developers with a passion for HTML5 game making to come and join a team who really love what they do. If you want to kick out some of the best HTML5 games going with us and help work on cool R&D projects like Pixi.js (and some secret ones too!) then please apply and show us what you got We are looking for all skill ranges from junior to senior. The main thing is that you love making these things! Junior Developer - Senior Developer - Cheers Mat
  3. Good question! Theres lots of reasons! 1 - I genuinely feel happy when I see something we created help other people to create. 2 - I find it super challenging, constantly trying to be render things faster, whilst hiding away complexity from users (not everyone wants /needs to know webGL). can be frustrating, but ultimately makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside when you figure out a new way to do something thats faster and easy to use. 3 - I get a serious education in how the team manage communities, and how to work with other devs. 4 - Team is cool smart bunch o'people. I like interacting with them 5 - Its helps our agency from a business perspective through increased exposure. 6 - Its ultimately helped me become a better dev. 7 - We would have build something like pixi internally anyway as it helps us make what we need more effectively, we just went a step further and shared the code No plans on stopping anytime soon!
  4. Hey there! Don't worry, we are still doing lots of pixi behind the scenes. Got a bit too busy to blog, but the Pixi is still moving forward and we have no plans to stop :) V5 has taken a little longer than planned due to our time being a little more limited. Internally we have been using v5 for all our projects over the past year so its in a great spot. We are keen to make sure its ship shape before officially releasing it to the dev branch. We are close and there are a lot of improvements there. Both in performance and flexibility :D
  5. Calling all HTML5 game developers! Here at Goodboy Digital we are looking for developers with a passion for HTML5 game making to come and join a team who really love what they do. If you want to kick out some of the best HTML5 games going with us and help work on cool R&D projects like Pixi.js (and some secret ones too!) then please apply and show us what you got Apply here: Merry Christmas! Mat
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    Hey All! Thought you guys might like too check out mini-runner a simple alternative to events and signals with an emphasis on performance. It currently forms the backbone of the messaging system in our game engine. Its working out great for things like update events, collision events etc. Great to use if you are say looping through and array and calling the same function on each object. The resulting code is cleaner than a loop whilst still keeping the performance as fast as possible. So yeah, if you are dispatching signals/events to a lot of listeners often (like everyframe often), then I would considor using this alternative. For most cases, this performace boost is not really important enough to switch from your current fave. Think of this as a nice alternative for when speed really counts! Cheers!
  7. hello! One more line to try (all before creating the renderer) PIXI.glCore.VertexArrayObject.FORCE_NATIVE = true; Cheers!
  8. Hello! Should be fixed in the dev branch now Padding is applied after rather than before clipping to the renderer viewport happens.
  9. Calling all HTML5 Game makers! Great news, Goodby Digital is hiring! We are a creative digital agency that specialises in cutting edge HTML5 content and games. We make premium games for clients such as BBC / Disney / Cartoon Network / PBS and many other world class brands. Not only that we also work on other projects such as the Pixi.js rendering engine and a host of ground breaking R&D projects. If you love creating with HTML5 as much as we do here at Goodby Digital then we’d love to hear from you. You will be working with a super-talented team of developers and designers who will make sure your games look and play awesomely and teach you tonnes of tricks of the trade. Our studio is based in East London, a great city to work, live and play in. If you are interested you can find the job spec here: To find out more about Goodboy and look at the kind of clients and products we make, check out our website:
  10. Hi there everyone! We are currently looking to hire some fresh talent to work with us at Goodboy Digital. Specifically we are looking for games developers, so this is definitely the right place to be! We are looking for junior to middleweight developers with a passion for making world class HTML5 games. You will also get the chance to help out with the development of our little rendering engine Pixi.js. Working at Goodboy (if your a junior!) we will train you up to become a formidable game creator and teach you all the skills you will need to make games that will blow peoples brains! And if you already know all that? Well, we can give you the opportunity to work with some top class brands making games that you will be proud off! Here's the kind of work we make: Here's the full job spec: If you are interested or have any questions feel free to shoot me an email at and we can get talking!
  11. Hey peeps! As a heads up I have been using v3 for our latest game and it runs a full 60fps WebGL on the kindle fire HD in the silk browser using autodetectRenderer.
  12. Good morning game makers! One of our goodboys (@Hooray_For_Matt) just finished a neat write up on the state of playing html5 games on consoles. There are more places for people to play our games than we thought it seems!
  13. The Pixi v3 Bunnymark is here! Why not give it a whirl enjoy!
  14. Morning peeps.. try looking in the pixi dev branch.. video texture and example 25 added
  15. Mat Groves

    Pixi as a base?

    Pixi was built simply to render stuff on screen. That way it could be used for games and other kinds of experiences too. The way phaser and panda use pixi is a perfect use case for it. It means Rich and Eemeli can worry about making cool game functionality of their engines and not have to worry about how stuff gets drawn to the screen. The Pixi license is MIT too so that means you are free to use it as you please, no strings attached
  16. howdy! have you tried adding the mask to the sprite mySprite.addChild(myMask)?
  17. yes there is a couple of changes to the API in the current dev branch as we are gearing up for a v2 release.
  18. Hello! This issue was fixed in the dev branch a little while back i believe
  19. This is looking really great Sebastian! So many peeps are gonna find this super handy
  20. hey peeps! As it happens I have been working on the update transform function this wknd You can see it here: I was rewriting it for a few other reasons but added the suggested optimization to the function too. Not sure how much extra speed it will bring but it certainly wont be slowing it down
  21. Hey there! Sounds like you need a renderTexture! You could then make a sprite with your canvas and then render that to the renderTexture? What is your goal? ta!
  22. Later down the line we definitely will. Is DDS support native to browsers now? Or is it still a webGL extension? thanks!