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  1. Thanks! Actually I'm not using any framework so I can only scale it through context.scale() and getting the relation between the canvas and the user's screen but that will make the game look blurry anyways. Edit: I think I found out something: var scaleX=window.innerWidth/canvas.width;var scaleY=window.innerHeight/canvas.height;canvas.width=window.innerWidth;canvas.height=window.innerHeight;ctx.scale(scaleX,scaleY);This way I'm scaling the canvas element and the context and it resizes it with very good quality. The only bad point is that some of the tiles are not showing correctly. That's because ctx.imageSmoothingEnable is set to true by default. When I set it to false the game is shown correctly and it works very well.
  2. Hi. I'm very new to HTML5 development. Lately I've been creating my first platformer game. As I didn't have any graphics at all and I have no skill to create some, I searched on the internet for some free graphics. The graphics resolution is very low and my game resolution is only 512x288. It looks good if you play with a mobile phone, but if you play with a tablet the resolution gets worse and even worse if you play full screen in computer. Here's a video demonstration of the game. If you see the video in your computer you'll see that there's a very bad quality. That's because youtube has scaled the video automatically. I'm trying to figure out how to avoid this kind of issue. The only solution I can think about is manually resizing (pixel by pixel so the quality isn't afected) all the graphics to make them 2x and use them in tablets and computer, but this will be very time consuming. I think there's no other way of increasing the quality of the graphics, but maybe there's one. I'd be interested in some replies about this subject. Thanks! And sorry if my english isn't very good, I'm from Spain.
  3. @willeastcott: Thanks for the reply! As you said, I've got a personal satisfaction creating the game by myself, but now I think it's certainly true that using a framework is the best way for creating a game. @BitOfGold: thanks also! that's what I'll do, I'll try as much frameworks as I can and I'll see which one I prefer the most! Well, I think the question's been completely answered. Thanks guys!
  4. Hi. I'm new in the forum. I haven't seen any introduction section so I'll make a little introduction of myself here. I'm Albert and Im 17 years old, and I'm from Spain (so excuse me if my English isn't good at all). I learned javascript and html5 a year ago, and I started creating my first game from scratch about six months ago (I do it in free time), a platform one with even a level editor created by me. As it was my first experience, I decided to do it without using any framework so I could understand how everything works. Now that I'm about to finish I think this has been a very good experience, but I think it would have been a lot easier (and less time consuming, of course) with a framework. So my question goes here: Does programming without a framework gives any benefit or advantage? I don't think so, but I'm very new to this so maybe someone can surprise me.