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  1. Pong Quest is an HTML5 game written using TypeScript and leveraging the Phaser game framework. The IDE used was Intel XDK and the game is now live in all major app stores! Google Play (Android): Apple App Store (IOS): Microsoft App Store (Windows): Facebook Page: Description: A classic pong quest where you journey through a series of unique levels, each with its own little twist. The levels are organized into areas, and each area has a special theme. Includes levels where the walls are closing in, or you use giant paddles, or beach ball sized ping pong balls! Plus boost levels that change paddle and ball sizes and speeds, or explode the ball into 4 balls! And many other unique twists on the classic game of Pong! This version of Pong will keep you guessing as to what unique twist will come next! You can also play 2 player mode against a friend, if you want to take a break from your pong quest! Or you can try out "Randomized" pong mode, where a game will be generated with a completely random set of twists worked into it! Available for both 1 player and 2 player. Enjoy, and please rate the app to show support; more support means more levels, more levels means more fun!