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  1. Its nice. I really like the first 2 mortal kombat games, they are awesome. You are using reptile as your main character, he was not a selectable character of mortal kombat 1, but you could fight him as a hidden opponent. Nice to see him in this game
  2. Take a look at apache cordova. It should be what you are looking for.
  3. It looks nice, the graphics are really cool. Good Job!
  4. I don't know any link that explains this directly. But web workers are not part of javascript. Web workers are a browser feature that you can interact via javascript. This means that when you want to process your code in the background, you tell your browser using a javascript api to do your work and pass back the result in the end. This background process works the same way as any background thread your browser executes. If you execute 100 web workers, the browser will use its web worker pool to execute your workers, the pool may have 10, 20, ?? threads, but probably
  5. Its really hard to answer to that. All devices and browsers may have different behavior in performance. I think you should use the minimum resources you need. A web worker not always generate a new thread, its asynchronous execution, but multiple workers may be running on the same thread. Try first to make your game without any web workers and test it on the devices. If the game is too slow, and when optimizing the code is no longer an option, create your first web worker. After that, test again, if one is enough good - that's it, if not continue to test one by one unt
  6. I mean dummy files with the same javascript api of the cordova plugins I use. So I can develop the game with all the calls that I will need in the final version. Apis to show ads, save files in the device internal storage, that in the browser version are replaced by dummy files that only make console.log calls.
  7. I usually make my game ouside of cordova. When using cordova, you will need to use some plugins (for ads, read or write files, whatever you need). When I am developing I use dummy files with those apis, so I can develop from the start with that in mind. When the game is complete, I create a cordova project with all the configuration and plugins I need. Then, I create a batch file, that copys the bundled files and replaces the dummy apis with the real ones. Then I can publish and test it on mobile. When I want to add new features, is the same. De
  8. Sou português, vou responder em inglês apenas para os restantes membros também perceberem. First version of my game was launched in March 2016.
  9. Mine, in the signature, has 20.000+ downloads. Made with phaser. Not successful enough, but its better than nothing.
  10. I think the webview will clear your cookies on every new usage. Does a plugin like cordova-plugin-file, that lets you create a file with your data, works for you?
  11. If you use visual studio community, that is free to use, you will get a cordova template that is easy to work with. Give it a try.
  12. The webbrowser control in WPF and windows forms is the same as Internet Explorer 8. It won't be easy to use that in html5 games.
  13. You could use the technologies you build your games, this forum, I don't think they would mind.
  14. Looks promising, very nice graphics, music and gameplay. When playing in firefox against the first boss, I got a warning from firefox saying some script is slowing down the page. Maybe something you have when the opponent is thinking.
  15. There is a game card made by one of this forum users (I don't remember the name, I hope he sees this topic to answer it). It's only jQuery and plain HTML5 and he also has a Steam version. Its a vampire card game (magic the gathering style), looks very good, hope he shares his experience with you.
  16. I would prefer the player to choose the flag of the country he wants to play with. Off course, you can't face your own team, so that couldn't be an opponent. You can use these SVG flags with MIT licence: http://flag-icon-css.lip.is/ Make sure to credit the author, because they are really good. Although in my foosball game, teams are generic named by their color. I didn't really wanted nations for now.
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