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  1. kiwi

    iOS 9.2 Sound broken

    Game works fine from home screen. Issue is from inside a native wrapper
  2. kiwi

    iOS 9.2 Sound broken

    I forgot to mention that I run the game inside a wkwebview. Using safari on home screen everything works fine
  3. kiwi

    iOS 9.2 Sound broken

    Up anyone? Are you experiencing the same issue? Thanks
  4. Hi, I just upgraded my iPhone 5s to the latest iOS 9.2 and now all sounds sound broken. I'm using the latest Phaser version thanks
  5. Hi, I noticed there is a Phaser.Device.iphone4 property but how can I detect in specific iPhone4s? thanks
  6. I'll quote myself. I was using the code above and after that updating some properties such as alpha values and position but it was causing me some blocking errors. To fix this I simply call the kill method before start (please let me know if it's not the correct way or there is a better way to do it so) the final code: this.bombEmitter.length === 0 && this.bombEmitter.push(, 0, 30));var bombEmitter = this.bombEmitter[0]bombEmitter.kill();bombEmitter.gravity = 0;bombEmitter.setXSpeed(-200, 200);bombEmitter.setYSpeed(-200, 200); // make smoke drift upwardsbombEmitter.setAlpha(1, 0, 1000, Phaser.Easing.Linear.InOut);bombEmitter.makeParticles('star');//add to the ground group so it will following during scrollground.addChild( bombEmitter)bombEmitter.start(true, 1000, 50, 15);
  7. thanks, but once I get the reference I just have to trigger the start method? I saw the update() method on the documentation but it's not very clear what it does? can I use it like this? this.bombEmitter = []; this.bombEmitter.length === 0 && this.bombEmitter.push(, 0, 30));var bombEmitter = this.bombEmitter[0] thanks
  8. hi, in my game I'm dropping bombs from an airplane, and when a bomb hit the ground I create an emitter particle at given position. When the bomb hit the ground I load another bomb on the plane and create another emitter. My questions are: 1. are emitter auto destroy once completed the animation? 2. is there a way to optimise this using only one emitter but having the full animation in place? thanks
  9. thanks for your reply but I think I was doing something wrong. I was setting the new size immediately after the new Game function. Instead I moved that to the first stage Create call and everything is aligned perfectly
  10. Hi, when creating the game using the Game constructor I'm defining the width and height of canvas. Later, using the Phaser.Device detection I'd like to change the game size. I'm using the game.scale.setGameSize(1920,1080)but the images and sprite are not centered. I'm trying a way to reposition all elements correctly in this new dimensions but I can't find the scaleManager method to achieve this. Could you help me pls? thanks
  11. there is the link in the first post
  12. you are right, I missed that but now I have the black bars on the side instead I'd like to fill the screen and have some world cut out.
  13. thx but this also doesn't work. I got an error in console saying: this.scale.setScreenSize is not a function
  14. @ Zendrael thanks but it doesn't work for me. I get an enormous image
  15. Hi all, I'm asking for you help because I worked on this thing for weeks but I can't make it working properly. I read all the Scaling manager threads in this forum and various other site but I can't really figure out what's wrong with this. As you can see with the link above I'm setting up a game size of 1920x1080 and all my resources are this res. So far I worked with the EXACT_FIT rule and even if it stretches the games, I'm fine with it. But today I tried the game on the iPad and obviously, due to the incredible resolution, the canvas doesn't fit the entire screen. I then decided to fix this "original sin" and tried the RESIZE method which is suggested as to be the perfect choice for a responsive game. Unfortunately as you can see from the link it doesn't resize the image. I was thinking that it would fit the canvas and trim some of the extra canvas but it doesn't. I tried all the possibilities, I also tried to use 100% as my game size but with no luck. How can I have the game fitting the entire screen, in any resolution but keeping the original aspect ratio? thanks again for your help