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  1. You definitely need a better screen shot! Worked fine on my old laptop. Found it pretty challenging - would like the option of using the arrow keys to control movement, feels more natural.
  2. Works mine for me on Chrome and OSX. I thought it was entertaining - wasn't expecting a video clip. The AI is too good at the moment.
  3. For me, the most useful thing to learn about Javascript was modules. Without it games can quickly become unwieldy. Browserify is an easy way of implementing modules in your Javascript code.
  4. Thanks man! I'm a big fan of paper prototyping. Can't imagine starting a game without it
  5. Hello lovely people. I've been working on a game with Phaser, and just released it on the Chrome Web Store. It's an arcade style game, inspired by Space Invaders and Pacman. You're a lone tank commander, in the middle of a desert with limited resources. You have to survive an alien swarm until help arrives. Here are some screenshots: Thanks to Richard Davey for his work on Phaser - I had a blast using it! If people are feeling in a generous mood, please leave a review on the Chrome store. It will help other users decide whether to play the game, and will help me improve as a designer PS If anyone is interested, I wrote up the process of making the game in a blog post.