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  1. Hi, we're building a slot game that loads 15-20 texturepacked images, 20+ sound files, and maybe a dozen spine files. Some of these are obviously bigger than others, and so due to the nature of counting the files instead of the bytes, the preloader looks very choppy as it occasionally pauses (and so looks stuck) on a large texture. I wondered if anyone had any tips or techniques for smoothing out the progress bar animation? Thanks
  2. OK, thanks @themoonrat I currently have the animations in a pixi-layer above the reels and just show them when needed. It works, but to be fair it is a bit complicated so I will consider this. As Ivan so kindly billed you as the slots expert, don't suppose you have any high level advice about how to handle Megaways? 🙂 I'm finding it an absolute b*tch to line up all the blurry fillers and then drop the result in smoothly due to all the different heights! Cheers!
  3. Hi all, I am building some slot game reels and wondered if I might get an opinion on which of the following approached would be the fastest to render... Let's say we have 8 different symbol graphics in 2 states, blurred for when the reels are spinning and not blurred for when they land - ie 16 textures. Then lets say I have 5 reels with 3 symbols each, plus another at the top and bottom of each reel that 'peeks' through, for a total of 25 required reel symbols. The way the code is at the moment is that we create an object pool of 25 AnimatedSprite each with 16 frames and then animate
  4. Hello, I was talking to a dev the other day who was saying that after evaluating both Howler and Pixi-Sound had come to the conclusion that Pixi-Sound was the better choice for the audio management in his games. I didn't really have time to quiz him about the reasoning behind this statement so was just curious to see if anyone else had evaluated both these libraries and made any conclusions based on something stronger than the 'neatness' of just using it because you also use Pixi! We could switch out the library in our games but it would be a day or two's work so just looking for a g
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