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  1. The library has only basic support for IE9 by falling back to using HTML5 audio. Some WebAudio-specific features, like filters, are ignored on these browsers.
  2. This issue should've been addressed in v2.0.0 release with this pull-request (https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-sound/pull/41) Could you please file an issue on the GitHub repo and make sure to include your platform, browser and version of pixi-sound?
  3. Hi @Led76 PixiSound also supports sound sprites, like Howler. You can see the example here: http://pixijs.io/pixi-sound/examples/sprites.html With older Android Webview containers, you cannot multitrack audio. You can only have one audio file loaded at a time. If you're building an app, there are many options out there for embedding a Chrome Webview (with more modern features). For instance, if you're using Cordova to build your app, you can use CrossWalk to do this.
  4. @mrwut4 Cool. The extension is here: https://github.com/jiborobot/pixi-animate-extension/ The runtime-library is here: https://github.com/jiborobot/pixi-animate/
  5. You might want to check out PixiFlash, which is something my studio has been working on over the last month to use the existing HTML5 publishing pipeline from Flash Pro to export to Pixi. It's a little of a hack, but it works. We're working on a better Pixi solution to this problem. Here's an animation example generated with PixiFlash.
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