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  1. thanks! manage to push it into array, but i'll will give your method a try
  2. Been a while, now I'm stuck getting the data from the Graph API How do you extract the data into an variable or array? FB.api('/me', {fields: 'id, name'}, function(response){ console.log(response); for(var o in response) { user_data.push.apply(response[o]); } console.log(user_data); })output: Object {id: "10153213575322883", name: "Calvin Smith"}
  3. If im using CommonJS, which it uses module.exports, is it possible just place every function right within HTML and get access to it?
  4. While I manage to login onto the facebook with their quickstart up on the html level How to I call a FB function (share/invite) through a button created with phaser's button?
  5. Clever play with tiles layering could produce the illusion of depth, but a map editor to work visually is highly recommended so create an extra layer of tiles without collision, and apply between the collisionTiles and background
  6. Recently went through this tutorial with great success: http://www.codevinsky.com/phaser-2-0-tutorial-flappy-bird-part-1/ from setting up local server to making the bird, pipes and sound command/terminal to activate Grunt probably the most confusing part, but definitely worth the effort for the auto-refresh compare using XAMPP
  7. try testing an image converted through any 'online image converter' vs photoshop cc? or maybe try gimp if worst come to worst
  8. much oblige!! already got a game running and create an app page for facebook, just waiting on the SSL now
  9. I recommend taking a look at RPG maker tutorial or similar if you're new at Tile mechanics http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/3331-introductory-guide-to-tiled/http://www.faqoverflow.com/gamedev/8336.html (same concept applicable to other genre) it basically a few layers of graphic that drawn together with 32x32 tiles, and typically a layer of invisible tiles will be the collision that keep the character within the world
  10. While its not recommended for a newbie to attempt the impossible, but I would really want to get right down to business in getting the Facebook API working in my game. I read there been games manage to implement API with no problem but didnt see much snippet with it. I'm gonna get SSL cert for my server to test the game thru facebook. Is there any advice on implementing Facebook API? p.s. hopefully it'll be painless :x
  11. Still pretty new at this, pretty much clueless how class and constructor works in JS or phaser, so accessing anything directly probably not for a noob like me. I tried some pure javascript to pass some global.variable for simple score keeping, but all it seem to do is nag at me on the console on how it was not defined. That will be next thread if i couldnt figure it out lol, thanks Matt! EDIT: hey! thanks again for the resource! :DD
  12. omg, this.works!! I knew I missing something but this.? this.just brilliant thanks again for the help everyone /o/
  13. 'use strict';var GameTimer = 3,GameTimerEvent;function Play() {} Play.prototype = { create: function() { var style = { font: '42px Arial', fill: '#ffffff', align: 'right'}; GameTimerEvent = this.game.time.events.loop(Phaser.Timer.SECOND, this.updateTimer); this.btn_replay = this.game.add.button(10, 8, 'btn_replay', this.start_gameOver, this); this.btn_replay.anchor.setTo(0,0); }, updateTimer: function(game){ GameTimer--; if(GameTimer != 0){ console.log('it works!'); }else if (GameTimer == 0){ console.log('dingding, game o
  14. Yeoman Generator https://github.com/codevinsky/generator-phaser-official
  15. this one, follow your instruction and it gave me ""Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'state' of undefined" However it seem to be working by using a boolean as a trigger, but for education purposes, I would really want to know how this work
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