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  1. Working on a racing game for mobile. Hope to finish it within two weeks.
  2. @sanojian , i found yesterday the article about game translation at gamasutra. I didn't know it was from Localize Direct. I will now follow the the site, for sure.
  3. Yeah, you are right. But as the game has the "pipe thing", you know, i thought it could say it is a FlappyBird kind of game.
  4. Hey man! I saw your project at Scirra's fóruns too. The game is shaping-up very nicely. Congrats! Are you aiming at Steam too?
  5. Cool! I must say that 8-BIT WATERSLIDE is a cool game, i'll check out the site. Thanks!
  6. Hi, in the last two months, i've been developing this game, i made it with Construct and i would like some feedback from you. The game is called PlaneAdventures, it's a FlappyBird meets a Shoot 'em up game with Upgrades. You can try it at the link below: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5143153/Plane_Adventures_r2/index.html Features: - Flappy Bird inspired - Shoot 'em up gameplay style - Upgrades that increase the replay value - Three levels, with diversity of enemies and obstacles - External language files, for easy localization Here some images from the game: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5143153/PlaneAdventuresTXT/Promo/pic1_800.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5143153/PlaneAdventuresTXT/Promo/pic4_800.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5143153/PlaneAdventuresTXT/Promo/pic5_800.jpg Cheers
  7. Ok, i'm new here, but i would like to drop my thoughts. I think Unity is very popular, but now their focus is not the web, because their export option is bad. Maybe in the future they will change that. See my point, i like Unity and i am studying it too, but i think this forum it's a safe heaven for HTML5 developers. I intend to start studying Phaser, so that's why i came to this forum. I am a C2 user and i love it, I was in that boat long before the beta, in the first builds, when Construct Classic was a thing. And i remember Scirra's passion and belief in HTML5 when everybody said they were wrong and HTMl5 was not the future. So i suggest a part of this forum for C2 too. Cheers.
  8. This little gem here saved me in some GameJams http://codeminion.com/blogs/maciek/2008/05/cgmusic-computers-create-music/ It's a music generating software. You won't end up with a 9 symphony, but for a Game Jam works like a charm. Cheers.