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  1. I am creating a Bejeweled game using Emanuele Feronato's awesome prototype; Match 3 Bejeweled HTML5 prototype made with Phaser – detecting combos. I created my own grayscale graphics in Photoshop, made them a little bigger, increased the grid size of the game, and used some code from his HTML5 Dungeon Raid tile engine made with Phaser – Part 4 tutorial to make the game scalable. I used Phaser's sprite tint property to color my jewels. They look awesome all randomly colored like that, but it is difficult to make matches on just shape alone. How would you tint specific frames a certain colo
  2. That was a great idea! :-D I uploaded the Breakout clone, but I'm not entirely sure I did it right. How does the Sandbox handle external images? and other functions? Do you have any ideas? http://phaser.io/sandbox/UozLvgWh EDIT: OK, I fixed something... LOL! I was getting a blank black canvas when I posted this reply. It took starting a template with images to make me realize that I'd forgotten the game's variables. Oops! LOL! Now I am getting green squares with diagonal lines drawn through them. I guess I'd better find another site other than Dropbox to store them. Anybody have any sugge
  3. Why not try converting them to mp3's? http://media.io/
  4. I recently modified the Breakout clone. Aside from everything being a little bigger and closer together, the only modification I made was to make the blocks drop after they'd been hit. That's where the game freezes. The Invaders clone crashes when an enemy's bullet hits the player. The issue has something to do with the player's explosion, but I'm not sure what it is. Breakout.zip
  5. I started this thread to share my modified Phaser game examples, ask for help with them, and share the code for the complete versions. Visual Studio 2015 is my preferred IDE, so just ignore the web.config file when you open the .zip file. Invaders.zip
  6. I was acting on the assumption that the error was in the game.js code above. Here are the smaller classes: mainmenu.js: GameStates.MainMenu = function (game) {};GameStates.MainMenu.prototype = { create: function () { // create main menu text and images - // create a "Start Game" mechanism - variety of ways to do this... this.loadingText = this.add.text(this.game.width / 2, this.game.height / 2, "Press Enter to start", { font: "48px sans-serif", fill: "#00ffbf" }); this.loadingText.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5); this.enterKey = this.game.input.keyboard.addKey(Ph
  7. Hello! I am relatively new to Phaser, so I downloaded the examples and started making little adjustments to them. So far the Invaders example is my favorite, so I started separating it into separate files and implementing my own graphics. Audio will come later. That is, after I figure out what to do with my game variables. I started copying the invaders code into a Visual Studio Phaser project I'd been playing around with. It wasn't much; just a bouncing Phaser logo, so I knew it would be easy to replace the existing code with the Invaders code. Everything works except for the code in the
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