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  1. uzudil

    Arkona II

    Yes, I'm using http://phaser.io/ to display the graphics. I've decided to make the app run as a desktop app so changes to a map segment can be saved (player drops an object, drives a vehicle, etc.) to disk. This is potentially more data than what could be saved in the browser (via cookies, localstorage, etc.) and I don't want to have to write a dynamic web app (db storage) to store it either. Thanks, --U
  2. uzudil

    Arkona II

    Hi Milton! Thanks for checking it out and glad to hear it mostly works. I'll look into using the same key for everything. Fullscreen is definitely in the works and maybe also different resolutions (800x600 would work for you on linux, I think.) Lastly, the scrolling is affected by map loading and caching now so it will be a little chunkier. Thanks again! --U
  3. uzudil

    Arkona II

    Hello all, please take a look at my uber-alpha project Arkona II. It runs as a desktop app (courtesy of electron) but it is an html5/js game. I've only been able to run the mac version, so apologies is the other platforms are not working. https://github.com/uzudil/arkona2/releases Thanks! --U ps.: did I mention I'm looking for contributors?! It could be you...
  4. Awesome thanks! Yes, the swap may be replaced with a vector-based "push" at some point... (Volunteers?) Thanks again!
  5. @Milton could you the latest? I made some changes to boost fps (and added stats.js so you can see it) and on my mac I'm getting framerates around 56-60 in canvas mode. The second (yellow) gauge shows you the number of sprites rendered/updated vs. the total for the map. Thanks!
  6. Yes that is a bug. It's on my list to fix. Thanks!
  7. Thanks Scheffgames! You can email me at cctorok at Yahoo dot com. I'd love to hear your thoughts on combat mechanics. In general, I'd like to keep the RPG aspects of the game low, so it's mostly a story driven adventure game with RPG elements. In other news, I implemented smooth scrolling (and smooth movements for NPCs) and it looks really good! Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. @PhasedEvolution and everyone else interested in helping out: I put up a wiki page of available tasks here: https://github.com/uzudil/arkona/wiki Contact me on github and we can go from there. Thanks again! --U
  9. Great! What are you interested in helping with? I have little (and big) projects for coders, graphic artists, etc. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Milton! Yes all of that will be addressed, this is really early code. (That's why I posted it here...) I really appreciate the encouragement tho! --U
  11. Arkona (working title) is an isometric retro rpg in a style you may remember if you played pc games in the 90s. :-) I'm looking for people who are just into this stuff. The game is in a relatively early stage and is meant as a hobby project only. I could use help with: - music/sound fx (there are none so far) - 3d artist: is toon-shaded creature animation your thing? - pixel artist: see screenshot below for reference - coder: phaser+es6+webpack, there is a lot to do (combat, inventory, pathfinding, etc.) - other: want to write conversations, design levels, e
  12. uzudil

    Merc 0.4

    Nice work! I'm working on a next version with localized text (translate here: https://poeditor.com/join/project/oD3YmZFxAE) and an option to invert the mouse. Maybe I'll also add custom key mapping. Thanks! --u
  13. uzudil

    Merc 0.4

    Hi Nagval333, have you tried clicking inside the game? If you do, it will hide the mouse cursor so you're not constrained by the screen size. Other than that, let me know what you'd like to work differently - I'm sure the controls can be improved. Thanks, --u
  14. Hi, I'm looking for translators for my slow moving, retro, adventure game Merc. (Think of it like a "lost sequel" to the 80s game "mercenary".) Here is the game: http://uzudil.github.io/merc/ And if you speak another language and want to try translating some of it, please try this link: https://poeditor.com/join/project/oD3YmZFxAE Let me know if you run into trouble! Thanks, --u
  15. uzudil

    Merc 0.4

    Press Esc during the intro to skip it. Thanks, --u
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