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    uzudil got a reaction from scheffgames in isometric rpg needs your help   
    Arkona (working title) is an isometric retro rpg in a style you may remember if you played pc games in the 90s. :-)
    I'm looking for people who are just into this stuff. The game is in a relatively early stage and is meant as a hobby project only. 
    I could use help with:
    - music/sound fx (there are none so far)
    - 3d artist: is toon-shaded creature animation your thing?
    - pixel artist: see screenshot below for reference
    - coder: phaser+es6+webpack, there is a lot to do (combat, inventory, pathfinding, etc.)
    - other: want to write conversations, design levels, etc?
    Get the source here:
    Thanks for considering!

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    uzudil reacted to ForgeableSum in Merc 0.4   
    Great game!
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    uzudil reacted to Nagval333 in Merc 0.4   
    You right. BTW message log scroll is working only when the mouse appear.
    For now I get lost in these  catacombs/corridors and portals of c8-f0 complex... Before I visited ruins comlpex, I found some Xeno artifact, two plasma drive cores and Xeno translatore chip And two terminals 100 and 110...
    Ok, doesn't matter, I found disc and get new coordinates.
    P.S I think the Use/Interact button will more comfortably at "Q" instead "P"
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    uzudil got a reaction from Nagval333 in Merc 0.4   
    You can now save the game by pressing X. You can save most places except when driving a vehicle. In compounds, a save will always put you back to the starting room.

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    uzudil got a reaction from Nagval333 in Merc 0.4   
    Please check out v0.4 of Merc - a slow moving, retro, 3d adventure game. (Think of it like a "lost" sequel to the 80s game "mercenary".)
    New in this release:
    - more/better game models
    - shader lighting
    - memory and frame-rate optimizations
    - bugfixes

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    uzudil got a reaction from WombatTurkey in Ermin's adventure   
    You're welcome to take a look but I doubt it will be useful to you (beyond being an example of how to use PIL.) Here is the source: https://github.com/uzudil/ermin/blob/master/map/map_maker.py
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