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  1. Wow this game is amazing. Nice work!
  2. Announcing Open Jam! Participants will build an open source game in 72 hours or less, play and judge other games, and compete for a chance to have their creation featured at All Things Open. Full announcement here:
  3. I'm exited to announce that version 1.0 has been released with a ton of new features! Check out the game here: http::// Release notes:
  4. @Gugis Thanks! Being as lazy as I am I was hoping there would be a tool to simulate an open browser session that use websockets, so I wouldn't have to write any code
  5. Native browser WebSocket on the client, and ws ( on the server
  6. Hello! I'm faced with a problem and looking for a good solution. The problem is how to load test my websocket multiplayer game by simulating n real clients? My game works great when there are just a few clients while developing, but recently I had about a spike of new players join from a school at the same time, and my game did not scale well at all. So I have a scalability problem and I need to fix it, but the question is how do I know when it's fixed? I need a way to on-demand scale up to N number of simulated clients, to test my scalability. Problems with load testing websockets: I can't just open a bunch of browser windows on my computer and connect because my computer doesn't have enough resources to support that many clients. There are traditional web load testing tools like jmeter, but they are designed for opening http connections not websockets There are also websocket load testing tools like thor, but those just open a websocket connection and send dumb messages, and can't act as a real game client. What I need is a way so simulate a real game client that uses the same protocol as the game, and sends messages as a real player would, then be able to scale that up to 10, 20, 50, 100. Has anyone else run into this problem or have any recommendations? Thank you!
  7. Hello! Which of the many cameras would be able to handle a full 360 degree loop? Most of the cameras I've seen hit a hard stop when you are looking strait up or strait down. That doesn't work for any kind of flying simulator where a spaceship/plane should be able to do a full 360 loop and arrive back to it's starting point. Does that make sense? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys! I'm working on adding a new ability to a game I'm working on. And I want to be able to activate it on mobile by double tapping the screen and hold to keep it active, then de-activate it when finger is released. Has anyone else solved this problem or have any suggestions on the best approach? Thanks!
  9. Here is our LD35 entry Square Off! Hi! We’re Michael ( @mwcz ) and Jared ( @caramelcode ), aka Scripta Games. For LD35 we built a web-based multiplayer disc bouncing game called Square Off. To play Visit: Source: When you click play, you’ll be paired with another random player. If no one else is playing, try sharing the game with a friend! Or, in a pinch, open a second browser tab. In the game, a smoky disc bounces around on a board. You can deflect the disc by placing three blocks. If the disc hits your goal (colored line at the bottom of the screen), your opponent gets a point! First to 7 points wins. We built it on entirely open source software: Fedora as our OS of choice, Phaser game framework, p2 for physics, Node.js for multiplayer, lodash utility belt. Sounds were generated with sfxr. Hope you enjoy! NOTE FOR TESTING If you're stuck on the "Searching..." screen, open a new browser window and join to play yourself for testing. Finished product looked very close to Michael's design Work in progress:
  10. I also like this idea! That will also sort who is at the top when multiple people have 1500 score. So of the people with 1500 size the ones with the most player captures could be at the top.
  11. @SET001 Thank you fo much for the kind words! Yes we are definitely going to add a speed boost ability for a trade off probably trading size for speed.
  12. Hi SET! Yes currently 1500 is the max size. However we are going to add the ability for smaller spheres to orbit larger spheres to drain it's size into their own, so if the's afk, you'll eventually be able to eat him.
  13. Thanks Jordgubben "Therapeutic" is a label we've heard from some other testers, so we've talked about making a separate "Chill" mode that's not competitive if you just want to relax and float around, maybe adding a element of co-op to this mode would be a good idea!
  14. icp, Thank you for the report! I'm suprised I've never seen the size validation false positive, so I'll look at the server logs to figure out what happened. Thanks for the feedback!