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  1. @Boz Sorry, I am not sure I understand. I am not preventing any mouse movement or action. When you press mouse left button and move the mouse it rotates the arcrotate camera around the character and if the character is moving it rotates the character too. Are you saying that you do not want the camera to rotate when the mouse is moved?
  2. Hi @Boz when you say "move left and right" do you mean strafe left or right or turn left or right? Currently you can turn left and right using the mouse but you have to press left mouse button and move the mouse to do that. Are you looking for free mouse look? In other words turn the character by just moving the mouse instead of pressing and moving the mouse?
  3. Sorry, the error happens when you do "Reload ..".
  4. @Luaacro That was fast. Much cleaner now. "Import Project" does not seem to be working. I see following error in console Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined at Editor.eval (editor.js:1) at step (editor.js:1) at Object.eval [as next] (editor.js:1) at eval (editor.js:1) at new Promise (<anonymous>) at __awaiter (editor.js:1) at dialogCallback (editor.js:1) at eval (editor.js:1) at Object.eval [as callBack] (editor.js:1) at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (w2ui.min.js:7) "2) New Project with empty scene?" Is there any other way to create an empty scene? Is there a way to delete everything in the scene in one stroke? I tried deleting each item in the scene one at a time but wasn't able to delete any of the GUI elements. So yes a new Project with empty scene would help What is "Export Template"? Is it a way to publish my scene? When I do that it tries to log me into some Microsoft account. Why? What if i do not have or want a a Microsoft account? It should allow me to save it to my disk
  5. @Luaacro Nice. Few other issues. 1) Under menu item "Project", the "Clean Project" does not seem to work. The same project is displayed again but this time I am unable to select anything. 2) Instead of "Clean Project" maybe it should be called "New Project" ? Thats what most other editors have. 3) I find the "Project" menu confusing. We have "Import Project", "Export Project", "Save Project as." and "Download Scene", "Export Scene As" Not sure about the difference between Export Project and Save Project or Download Scene and Export Scene. (what about import Scene?) Also Project options and Scene options should be clubbed together under the Project menu? 4) Anyway to select , edit or delete GUI Items in the screen?
  6. Yes "f" is fine. Another request , is it possible for you to share the demo scene shown in the video with us?
  7. @Luaacro Nice . Much better now. Thx. You should also add a keyboard shortcut and a button with an icon like a magnifying glass to focus. Double click works but only if you double click very fast.
  8. @Luaacro, Right now the ArcRotate camera just rotates about itself. It does not rotate about the object selected. Is there a shortcut key to focus on an object? Sometime double clicking an object shifts focus to it. But that seems to be buggy. It does not work most of the time. Also after focusing, if you left click, hold and drag the mouse the screen remains unresponsive and if you let go off the mouse the mouse goes into free look.
  9. Great. Very polished. Like the desktop option. Question: How do you now focus camera on an item and rotate camera around it?. This was there in the previous version. Hope we didn't remove that
  10. Nice! Very flexible architecture. The new UtilityLayerRenderer will be very useful.
  11. Looks like Decentraland migrated from Three.js to BabylonJs recently See
  12. @Spankied, It used to be called velocity but it was always displacement. Eventually the document was updated to avoid the confusion. see You are supposed to give the amount and direction by which you want to displace the mesh. If you search the forum you might find a discussion on that
  13. @Spankied, moveWithCollisions takes a displacement not velocity
  14. Here's a PG example. This loads a small obj file "TallWall.obj". The obj file has a small mtl file "TallWall.mtl". No textures, just colors. The files are located here In the PG example I print "mesh.material" from two places 1) from inside the ImportMesh() OnSuccess method and 2) outside it after waiting 2 secs. Inside I get undefined , outside, after 2 sec, I get the material
  15. Looks like the obj loader is not finished loading material when the BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh() onSuccess function is called. see I need to make changes to the mesh material after the mesh is loaded by the obj loader. How would i know when the obj loader is done loading the material? what is the most reliable method for doing that?
  16. @CarlBateman One issue with Playcanvas - their engine is opensource but their asset import tools and their editor are still proprietary. You have to upload your assets (in fbx obj etc format) to their servers to convert them to their format. I don't think they have published their asset format.
  17. Thanks for the kind words. I try to keep my edit control up to date as much as possible but making it a part of the engine would require much more commitment which I am not sure I can provide. So it is good to have an officially supported alternative. The more the better
  18. Nice work !! If somebody is having trouble starting the server then below might help 1) "TerrainEditor.exe" shortcut does not work. It points to "D:" drive. Instead of that click "PHPServeur\TerrainEditor.exe" 2) Modify " PHPServeur\home\us_config\us_user.ini" Change US_ROOTF_WWW = /TerrainEditor to US_ROOTF_WWW = ../ You might also want to change AP_PORT = 80 to a different port.
  19. @MackeyK24 what happened to the source code out here?
  20. @Varsha Kamble in the meantime you could use this 🌝