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  1. Temechon is right, Java is fun, Java Enterprise not @Dal, Before I knew about JSweet, I was coding in Typescript. I actually started with Javascript but that was a struggle, so switched to Typescript. Typescript is nice but Java is, imho, much better. It has a much better and richer ecosystem. Just take Javadocs for instance - so much better documentation than what you get with Typescript. Also I spent most of my working life coding in Java, so Java is like my "native / mother tongue" You do bring up a good point about libraries getting outdated and needing to be updated. But that is where JSweet stands out , They have nearly automated the process of generating these libraries If you can provide a typescript type definition file for a framework, they can provide a Java library for that framework. Submit a typedef file to DefinitelyTyped site and within a few days, if not overnight, your libraries are ready. They already have Java libraries for more than 1000 JavaScript frameworks, For us Java programmers that is Godsend !
  2. So recently JSweet created the BabylonJS Java library I took that and coded a small BabylonJS project in Java. See code and resources at See demo at: Use WASD keys to move avatar, shift+W to run, click and drag mouse to look around, mouse wheel to zoom in out and click button "Vincent" / "Joan" to switch avatar between male/female. With Java this is becoming fun
  3. FYI Using the type file at DefintelyTyped, JSweet has generated a BabylonsJS Java interface library. See Here are the javadocs
  4. Hi, The PR got merged. The babylonjs type def file is in DefinitelyTyped now Regards Satguru
  5. Hi, I went ahead and created a PR for this. see Hope its ok. Regards Satguru
  6. Hi, Looks like "QuantumInformation" submission failed or did not have the tests. Not sure how the test works. I am assuming the tests are to validated the type definitions and that probably makes sense if the type definitions were created manually. Given that BabylonJS itself is written in TypeScript and the TDs are auto generated (right?) maybe we do not really need rigorous testing. Maybe a dummy test file might suffice. Yes? Regards Satguru
  7. I should have explained why I was looking for BabylonJs Type Definition file at DefinitelyTyped site. I am a Java programmer and was looking for a way to program Babylonjs using Java. Recently a new project came out called JSweet . JSweet is a "Java -> TypeScript -> JavaScript" transpiler. Thanks to TypeScript definition file they are able to provide Java interfaces to thousands of JavaScript libraries. I think they have a nightly build cycle which pulls Type Definition files from DefinitelyTyped site and create corresponding Java interface libraries, Their recommendation for adding support for libraries not yet supported by JSweet is to contribute the library's TypeDefinition file to DefinitelyTyped site. See
  8. Are there any plans to submit babylonjs TypeScript type definition file to DefinitelyTyped site ?
  9. Gryff, Awesome! That worked. You were right, this was from Mixamo I downloaded the animation in bvh format and mesh in fbx format and skinned them in blender. I did apply the transform to the skeleton but completely forgot about the mesh You saved me hours of frustrations Thanks a lot
  10. Would somebody mind helping me out with this? I have a blend file with one mesh, one skeleton and one 23 frame animation . The animation ( a run animation) works perfectly fine in blender but when I export it and try to run in babylon it is completely messed up. Attached are the blend file and babylonjs files. Thanks
  11. reddozen, That worked for me. Thanks Now I am struggling with an other issue, Mixamo ( is offering lots of free characters and animations for a limited time. I downloaded some of them, imported them io blender and edited them there. But exporting them as babylonjs messes them up. I had better luck with fbxexporter. But for that i have to download each animation with character as fbx. Cannot do just animation due to above issue
  12. DK 2. Regarding animation range example. If I clone the skeleton would the cloned skeleton get the range too? so skeleton1.createAnimationRange("walk", 10, 50);skeleton1.beginAnimation("walk", true); skel2 = skeleton1.clone("s2");skel2.beginAnimation("walk", true) ; ?? 3 & 4. I checked the BONES example. It is great that we can clone skeleton and add to different mesh. This way I can play same animation on different meshes. Is it possible to load a file containing only skeleton and animation (no mesh)? If yes then , after uploading it , I can clone the skeleton and add it to different mesh. Thanks
  13. DK, 1) Regarding FBX Reroute Skeleton. My understanding was that this is to create a file containing multiple meshes with same animation. I am looking for a way to create a file containing multiple animations with same mesh. Is my understanding wrong ? 2) Is there an example at this link ? I just see the basic scene. 3) Yes it would be nice if we could decouple the animation from the skeleton and the skeleton from the mesh. An API which allows one to play animation "a" on skeleton "b" and mesh "c" would be nice. The user, maybe, should be be responsible to ensure that the animation is suitable for the skeleton and the skeleton is suitable for the mesh. 4) could you explain what you meant by "just apply the skeleton to your new mesh.". Are you saying I can apply a skeleton upload with one mesh to another mesh? and then if I play anim on skeleton it would animate both the meshes? Thanks
  14. I have 4 fbx files. First one has a mesh and a skeleton but no animations (skeleton is in T Pose). The other files have skeletons with animations but no mesh (Second has skeleton with idle animation Third has skeleton with walk animation Fourth has skeleton with run animation) The skeleton is same in all four files. I do not have any program to merge the files together. Is there a way I can load the 4 files into BabylonJS and play the three animations on the mesh? (I am using the BabylonJs FBX exporter to convert the FBX file to BabylonJs format) Thanks