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    satguru got a reaction from Dr. Aaron Dishno in BabylonJS CharacterController   
    A 3rd person character controller for  BabylonJS
    source :
    demo :
    git download:
    Originally developed as part of my Vishva project
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    satguru got a reaction from abhivaidya in BabylonJS CharacterController   
    A 3rd person character controller for  BabylonJS
    source :
    demo :
    git download:
    Originally developed as part of my Vishva project
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    satguru got a reaction from webdva in Third Person Dogfight Camera   
    See if this helps.
    A third person camera
    keys "a" and "d" rotates the character left and right , in other words rotates the character around y axis  and the camera seems to follow.  
    I say seem because that is not quite true.
    It is not the camera which follows the character but the character which follows the camera   
    Rotate the camera and then rotate the character based on the camera rotation
    Here's the code
    Here are the lines for rotation
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    satguru reacted to Deltakosh in Babylon.js v3.3 is out!!!!   
    We did it guys!!!
    Let's share the love: 
    Feel free to retweet as much as you can!!!
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    satguru reacted to renjianfeng in Eurofighter Typhoon simulated driving ,Under development   
    Hello. I'm working on a fighter game, and while it's not finished yet, you can enjoy it ahead of time via video, which is open source, and I'll post its github address when I finish the first phase.
    //On October 8,
    github address:
    update:On October 21,
    new video:
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    satguru reacted to Dad72 in Web Game Editor (MMORPG)   
    I'm proud to talk about version 2 of my MMORPG editor (FR and ENG) that I renamed to "Web Game Editor" instead of "HeroonEngine" which was a name that looked too much like another existing editor. This version 2 comes with a new, more modern, community-based website. It will be possible to find a manual and video tutorials for getting started, as well as a shop and a forum (FR and ENG).
    The editor has undergone many improvements, new features and various fixes to make it more stable, more functional and more successful. Some things have been totally rewritten. It will come with a small Integer demo that contains two terrain and plenty of media on offer.
    I should hopefully release version 2 in the month and make an announcement of its release. For the moment I present it here. I have been working on this editor for years since BabylonJS was born. The editor has been renamed 4 times and rewritten 3 times totally and this name is the last change.

    Content and features:
    Here is some screenshot:

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    satguru reacted to davrous in Using WebGL and PWA to build an adaptive game for touch, mouse and VR devices   
    Hi there!
    I've created a detailed tutorial on how to create a full cross-platforms WebGL game (using Babylon.js of course) from mobile touch devices, to desktop up to VR!

    I've tried to create small samples for each section often pointing to the playground to explain you how to do each part. I hope it will help people discovering some Babylon.js principles and will also generate some forks to create other fun 3d experiences!
    At last, I'm explaining how to manage properly offline via a Service Worker coming from PWA coupled with our embedded IndexedDB layer. As a bonus, you'll discover how to push your game to the Microsoft Store
    Hope you'll like it!
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    satguru reacted to Sebavan in Azure Media Player Plugin   
    As 360 videos are more and more common, we developed a plugin for Azure Media Player or AMP to read 360 videos with BabylonJS.
    An online Demo is available on the BabylonJS WebSite:
    And the documentation for the plugin is part of our documentation:
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    satguru reacted to Luaacro in BabylonJS Editor V2   
    Sure it is planned! I'm just making the demo coherent with the tutorials. I'll share ASP
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    satguru reacted to Luaacro in BabylonJS Editor V2   
    Just fixed!
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    satguru got a reaction from Luaacro in BabylonJS Editor V2   
    Very polished.
    Like the desktop option.
    Question: How do you now focus camera on an item and rotate camera around it?.
    This was there in the previous version. Hope we didn't remove that
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    satguru reacted to Luaacro in BabylonJS Editor V2   
    Hello awsome community!
    The BabylonJS Editor V2 is now available and online! It comes with a web version and a native desktop application (Electron)!
    From the V1, this new editor comes with a better user interface and more tools to write less, less, less lines of code
    This demo video shows a project 100% made inside the editor. It includes custom scripts written using TypeScript, path finding, custom post-process and custom animations
    Create and edit particle systems Create and edit animations Create and edit lens flares systems Create and edit physics states on meshes Create and edit materials (including materials library) Add and edit sounds Add and edit textures (including render target textures & procedural textures) Save projects on OneDrive / local with Electron Deploy project template on OneDrive / local with Electron Scene graph view Create and edit custom post-process Create and edit custom materials Attach custom scripts (JavaScript and TypeScript) to your objects Test your scenes with debug support Video tutorials
    The documentation is available in the BabylonJS Documentation but now comes with videos to illustrate the written documentation:
    Some links
    Full documentation:
    Desktop Application:
    Git Repository:
    If you encounter a bug, don't hesitate to report in the forum and I'll make my best to resolve it.
    Thanks for being BabylonJS users. Hope you'll like using this editor
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    satguru reacted to Todd Durant in Stages of Atherosclerosis (Learning Project)   
    Stages of Atherosclerosis
    I'm a novice coder with some 3D skills using this subject as a learning platform for BabylonJS. Sometimes the engine fails to load after the webpage opens but a quick "F5" to force the page to refresh gets the engine to load. Also, the "loading" message is inaccurate. Anyways, I just thought I'd post my first project! Thanks!
    Todd Durant
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    satguru got a reaction from Nabroski in Decentraland on Babylonjs !   
    Looks like Decentraland migrated from Three.js to BabylonJs  recently
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    satguru got a reaction from Deltakosh in Decentraland on Babylonjs !   
    Looks like Decentraland migrated from Three.js to BabylonJs  recently
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    satguru reacted to trevordev in Gizmo's and mesh dragging behaviors   
    Gizmo's (position, rotation, scale, bounding box) and Mesh behaviors (pointerDrag, sixDofDrag) have been added to the latest Babylon preview. 
    Gizmo docs
    Mesh behaviors docs
    GizmoManager playground
    GLTF bounding box playground
    Please let me know if you have any feedback. Thanks!
    2018-07-06_10-08-12.mp4 2018-07-06_10-11-54.mp4
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    satguru got a reaction from jerome in Decentraland on Babylonjs !   
    Looks like Decentraland migrated from Three.js to BabylonJs  recently
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    satguru got a reaction from heyzxz in PCOL: billiards game made with babylonjs   
    awesome !!
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    satguru reacted to RaananW in obj loader - loading material
    Issue submitted, I agree that it should be async and not sync.
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    satguru reacted to bnolan in Cryptovoxels - an ethereum based virtual world   
    Cryptovoxels is my ethereum virtual world. You can buy parcels of land in the world, then build shops and stores using the in world voxel tools. I started this project in babylon.js about 3 months ago and sold the first parcels of land last week.
    A video of the editing tools:
    The world is multiuser, I use websockets + a node.js server (using babylon on the server side) so that you can see other players as they explore the world. The voxel engine uses a greedy mesher with ambient occlusion to generate the meshes, and then a custom fragment shader to do the texture lookup in a texture atlas. The performance is really good on mobile, and it works well in VR as well (mobile VR and desktop).
    Babylon.js has been really awesome to work with, the typescript bindings are great and the playground has helped me out heaps. I also created a .docset file for browsing the documentation using Dash on os x.
    Glad to be part of babylon.js community!
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    satguru reacted to renjianfeng in realize physical pPickups physically simulate drivingickup driving   
    This is an experimental project, and I've done it with Babylon and cannon, and its material presentation depends on babylonjs, and its physical effects depend on cannonjs.
    You can choose different weather effects: storm, sunny day, evening, midnight;
    You can control the direction of the car by [w, s, a, d] and control the brake by the space bar.
    You can use the "View" button to switch between the inside View and the outside View
    This project is constructed by TypeScript and managed by project engineering through webpack.
    github : 

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    satguru reacted to heyzxz in PCOL: billiards game made with babylonjs   
    Hi Everyone,
    I recently launched a preview version of my game made with BJS, and you can try it here.
    It's a 3d  billiards game, but currently only Snooker available in this preview version. 
    Hope you'll like it, and have fun. 
    It currently supports these browsers on desktop: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge.
    (To BJS team: I have added a "powered by babylon.js" in the 'about' page of the game, please let me know if it is allowed to use your logo, and if I have used the right logo, since I just grabbed it from your home page, and converted to png.)

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    satguru reacted to Deltakosh in gizmo   
    @satguru is right: having it part of the engine means we will support it forever (and ever :)). And we will document it, and create samples...
    We are also making sure that the gizmo will work in VR mode with VR controllers. The work done by @satguru is obviously a great source of inspiration
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    satguru reacted to Dad72 in Complete TerrainEditor & LevelEditor for Babylon.js   
    V 2.1.0
    I added the possibility of importing models into terrainEditor and being able to add them in the terrain. A gizmo allows to move them, turn them, resize them.
    The goal is to be able to paint and sculpt the terrain with the models on it so that it is not painted at random.
    When recording the scenes, two Babylon files are created to separate the terrain from one side and the models from the other (the camera and the lights are not exported. Only the models on the ground are. In your game, create your scenes with your camera, lights, then simply load the terrain to one side and load the meshes file that will fit the terrain.)
    I also add the inspector to be able to edit in more detailed ways, your models before recording.
    TerrainEditor becomes a small level editor now.