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  1. Mattia

    js13kGames 2017

    So, in the end I managed to participate this year, too! I just had like one week and I had to work during the night a little bit, but in the end I think that it was totally worth it! I'm quite satisfied with my "A Day In The Life"! Now, I'm trying to find the time to play all the entries, at least 3-4 minutes each. It won't be easy since they are 150+ already, so it means like 8+ hours of playing ... but I do have time until the 20th of September! I already played a couple of quite interesting games though, with really lovely, lovely, ideas!
  2. Cool I usually listen to Bach: brandeburg, english suites and lute suites, it depends on my mood But also: The Cure, The Who and The Beatles, expecially Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. And I've just realized I use Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band while programming since I was 12-13yo!
  3. I was not receiving notifications neither, I had to change my profile settings. Glad to year that you solved that
  4. Oh, sorry @espace3d I did not read your last comment in time. Btw, I cannot see your other post, have you removed it? Have you already fixed it by yourself?
  5. Mattia

    my sprite can't move

    Hi LaaW, you are checking for keyboard inputs in the create function, so just once when the game starts. Use the update functions, instead, and it works fine, like this: As shown in the Phaser keyboard example, too: Phaser examples are a good start too, if you don't want to follow step by step tutorials. Cheers!
  6. Oh, I was writing reply but you anticipated me Well, by the way, I've ported your example to P2, give it a look:
  7. Hi, I've added some debug lines to your code: As you can see the arcade body is not rotating together with the sprite. And, from what I read in the docs, I don't think that it is possible to do so. From: Have you tried with P2 physics?
  8. @thefailtheory Yes, it will work for that, too. Simply you are rotating the tiles to absolute 90 degrees instead of adding 90 each time. Quick fix: turn90: function(){ var a = Math.floor(this.player.x / gameOptions.tileSize); var b = Math.floor(this.player.y / gameOptions.tileSize); if (this.tilesArray[b][a].angle % 90 == 0){ game.add.tween(this.tilesArray[b][a]).to( { angle: this.tilesArray[b][a].angle+90 }, 200, Phaser.Easing.Linear.None, true); } } As you can see I've also added a modulus operator to check if it's possible to rotate the tile (to avoid rotating it when it's not a multiple of 90). Oh, I've tested everything on jsFiddle, this time, too, here's the link:
  9. Hi, I needed something similar in the past, too, for some performance tests. Try to use: and You can easily set them as usual = 0.5 = 0.5 or, 0.5)
  10. Hi, I think you are looking for sprite.frameName In general, to be sure of what to call, inspect the sprite instance with: console.log(sprite) Cheers!
  11. Hi, start() is not a function of "game", but a function of "game.state" (StateManager) , so use this: game.state.start('Boot');
  12. Hi, you could try using "keyboard hotkeys" as shown in this example: Here's a quick fiddle example using your code:
  13. @True Valhalla As you wish, even if I still don't think that it's good to offtopic like this. And I still find that it is quite unfair and uncool that you are attacking me and my business, using your fame with cutting irony, to criticize the quality and professionality of all my work, ideas and creations, as I think that we are all mates on the same boat. Dude, I respect your work as many others do. I don't understand why you think that I'm against you and I've stolen your content. I haven't stolen any graphics or game or text or content from you. I've just create a page for my Html5 games, which as you can see it's still a draft, and I took inspiration from many websites. If you are referring to the three columns design, columns with business information below a header are a common design, I list my games in a different way, and if you are referring to the general website design instead, It's just the Pitch Premium theme for wordpress Maybe you can refer to the header image where the Html5 logo is in the center. Yes, I've took inspiration from the others for that, not just from yours but from many others! From this one, too for example and from all the other images with the Html5 logo in the center. I've just searched google images for something like "html5 games" to take some inspiration for the header design, and then I've created my own. The three logos all share a centered setup with the Html5 logo in the center for sure, but they differ for theme, colors, setting specific setup. About the content, our websites are totally different. You have a blogger setup focused on totally different goals and themes than mine. If you refer to the Html5 page, we all share the same content and services, which is Html5 games, mobile compatibility, lincensing and much more. You can find similar content in all the websites selling Html5 games. TrueValhalla, I'm sorry that I've offended somehow, and I'm really sad that you attacked me like this.
  14. @True Valhalla Trying to attract customers and enlarge your business by attacking small developers? Totally fair and professional, I would hire someone like that. Your aggression is offtopic btw so I've just send you a PM. Cheers from a small fan of yours trying to learn from you.