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  1. We launched Zoi for iOS! The port was pretty straightforward, really. Since the code of the game is quite simple, I've directly used Sprite Kit library, so the game runs natively on all iOS devices. It supports Game Center, so now we have a scoreboard! (even achievements ) this adds lots more interest to the game, imo. The game is for free with ads, trying not to destroy the gameplay. You only see an interstitial ad after beating one level or every 10 fails. Check Zoi's website. We will now try to spam some websites. Help is really appreciated, spread the word! just go to the website and click on facebook or twitter icons on the bottom. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for playing! Yes, we thought of that, but ended dividing it into levels for some reason that I cannot remember now I think it was to better control the learning curve, and to fine-tune the levels. Also, if you fail you would have to start from the beginning.. Anyway, it's a nice idea and we may add it in a future version, in a different game mode or something like that thanks you!
  3. Haha, that's true Ahmed. By the way, the game is being a big success in North Africa countries, specially Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt! I think it is because it was featured on th3professional.com, which seems a big deal over there.. amazing!
  4. Thanks gregmax17 and ricklamers! level 11 is pretty good, most don't pass further than about level 8
  5. Thank you pixelpathos! Thanks for the kind words. Yes indeed, we made the game thinking of tablets/phones screens and mouse, and added keyboard support near the end of the development, to help people with bad mouses or trackpads. Thank you WhiteSoul!
  6. I do think is gorgeous and has a lot of appeal, and couldn't agree more with this philosophy. I don't know if "taking a risk" is a real fact, more than a feeling. Since most casual games look the same, one feels that is risking by pushing the astetics and try to do something else. But I do think people appreciate a different and fresh proposal (if it is coherent), and what is more, are eager to see different things. That's the reason of indie games lately, I guess. In your case, congratulations for the game, it's very well done, very clean, did with care and love. I personally love boke effect, so I love it! The gameplay feels a bit slow and dull, but ignore me as I just came from lunch and feel sleepy - the game feels right as it is. Good work! PS: Maybe you want to take a look to a game we recently released, Zoi, which also has a 'different' look (not just shameless self promotion, I felt both are related in this matter. Art by Jorge Fuentes).
  7. Hi Dream, thanks for your input. Keyboard support was a feature added in the last minute, and we certainly didn't notice the issue. If you cannot hold the mouse to jump repeatedly, you shouldn't be able to do it with the keyboard. I'll fix it ASAP. (btw, it is not impossible to jump over 3 spikes with the mouse ) Thanks RubyHelix! yup, we are aware that the game is rising behavioral problems in society. Sorry about that. EDIT: keyboard issue is fixed now.
  8. Thanks spencer, nice words Hey Ezelia, haha great, don't forget to ping me when it's done and keep trying! if you get to level 10, you can do 13 or 14
  9. Zoi - http://romancode.com/zoi Already submitted to the list
  10. you can press any other key too! but you're right :PPP EDIT: FIXED, Thanks a lot!!! Btw, I feel some people may think this is spam or some kind of selling trickery. It is not, it's just a humble and honest bet. We believe that the best player finishing the game should have a prize!! Btw2: Forgot to mention, but it is powered by Phaser, of course!
  11. UPDATE ago 5th: Zoi is available now for free on iOS App Store! ========================================================================== Hello there! I've made a game with a friend, and we think it's nearly impossible to complete its 20 levels. Prove us wrong! Beat the opposition, and win 30€/40$ to spend on gog.com Go ahead, try it out. Careful though, you'll get hooked. http://www.romancode.com/zoi How to enter the contest and other info available at the site. Be quick, contest ends July the 31st!!! Hope you like it!
  12. really great! I love the fx too, the transitions..
  13. Oh, I get it, thank you for the information! I've just tried bitmapData solution and works like a charm
  14. Thanks guys! Lewster32: but I have many sprites overlapping in the texture (i forgot to show that situation in the image), so i think it may not work, does it? I don't know if phaser/pixi can manage overlapped sprites in an Atlas.. But the BitmapData option is surely the way to go, thank you!!
  15. Hi everyone, I have a big image, from which I want to create many sprites with different sizes (imagine bricks of different size). I use Sprite.crop()for that, but it seems that the last crop affects and updates all previously created sprites. I don't want to just scale the sprite, but to use more or less area of a base texture. I have something like: for (var i in blocks){ var bx= Math.random(<whatever>); var by= Math.random(<whatever>); var bw= Math.random(<whatever>); var bh= Math.random(<whatever>); var block= game.add.sprite(x, y, 'texture'); var rect= {x:bx, y:by, width: bw, height: bh}; block.crop(rect);}All sprites end with different sizes, but they share the same texture crop! (it streches) Any clue? is this doable? I tried with block.cacheAsBitmap, but no luck..
  16. feiss

    A quick Phaser update

    I love the docs being exported to json. Great job! Eager to see the new website too
  17. feiss

    animation editor

    Well, you have also http://mightyeditor.mightyfingers.com/ (but lacks animation)
  18. feiss

    animation editor

    I'm looking for a tool (may be online) for setting up my scene (just drop a bunch of images) and animate basic properties, like opacity, position, rotation.. and then export that to a text/xml/json file. Any ideas? I'm downloading that Synfig Studio, don't know it's exporting options yet.. but it must be an online tool already... (Update: Synfig studio crashes in my system )
  19. Here's mine. I started 5 hours before the deadline, so nothing very playable. But I do like how the bird movements turned out! http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-29/?action=preview&uid=8733
  20. Amazing, there's a lot of room for performance improvement here.. Great job! This will be an impressive version, but don't rush yourself! if it's not for thursday, it's for monday next week, take it easy man!
  21. hey, thanks for the time writing the whole story. I knew the beginning and the end of it, but not the adventure in the middle. Everything makes sense, and I'm very glad it turned out like it is now. Kiwi growing healthy on one side, Phaser rocking the hell out of us. Congrats!
  22. Great! that cat is a great great addition to the game, pity his animations are very simple..
  23. I don't completely agree with Ezelia. You can perfectly use an Atlas for storing the animation of the full body of one character, why not? it's not just for body parts, there's no technical restriction or difference in that sense.. (of course, the use of an Atlas is compulsory if you have the animation in parts, but that not excludes it for a full body anim) I don't think there are more differences than those jonbon said, I think it's more a matter of your organization and pipeline, and your preferences..
  24. What Haden said. Maybe in your case you should not use different states, but just one state where all groups and sprites are preserved, and use some variable 'my_state' for handling an internal states machine.