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  1. Can you do some change like this?? We change mesh's verticeData often.
  2. @Deltakosh Can you add info about side by index order to pickInfo???
  3. Yes, i already used y compare check... simple but not my really want. i need to click the things in the house when i click through ceiling. So all your suggestions need to know what mesh i click. But I actually need the way to check side and don't want to check what mesh. Thank you both.
  4. Another clever idea~ But Three.js can directly ignore the ceiling. I think there shoud be a good way to solve it. About pickInfo. i see all parameters, can't find things can calculate side.
  5. seems workable... but not nice way... by your way, i should check ceiling's state when camera position changed all the time..
  6. when roolUrl = "res/sky" the lastDot = -1; root.substring(0, lastDot) = "" wrong.
  7. i have a 3d house. when the camera in the house, i can see the ceiling and i can click to select the ceiling mesh. when the camera above the house. the ceiling can't be see. But when i use scene.pick to check click, i still get the ceiling mesh. How can i judge the side when i pick the ceiling mesh? So i can ignore the ceiling to pick the items in the house????
  8. the comment is test. original code is not commented. so when i removeList to empty. the mirrorTexture doesn't refreshed...
  9. you changed head icon. Yeah, i use it now. And i tried modify shader's position.z. it's ok too. That won't display part of covered. webgl's zOffset dont effect line. need to set other polygon z > 0 to display line front.
  10. ground mesh's zOffset seems good. but line's zOffset doesn't work. I want to add line box to model. and line always display. like this: But at some view point, the line will dissapear, like this: And the zOffset can't fix this. Help me.
  11. I think he's fine. Dont need translation... even he said chinese to me. I cant write english much better than him...
  12. i upload a zip file.C_Meimo.rar dir 3dmax is the 3dmax file and textures. the whip animation is right. then use export to babylon, dir babylon: .babylon file and textures drag babylon files and textures to sand box the whip animation is broken... Help me.... C_Meimo.rar
  13. if i have 100 trees. i manually delete 99 trees only left node in U3D. and load in BJS and create 99 instance by code. and the 100 trees use same one material. so the lightmap can't fit for 100 trees.
  14. @MackeyK24 Yeah still. And even if light map problem be solved, the prefab/instance light can't. can the exporter make one prefab as a mesh and others instances ??
  15. Yes, you did. Even a simple doc. just a few words about the toolkit usage. otherwise we dont know use toolkit to do what. And i think the exporter is the most important thing. to use whole toolkit function? left it to insane boys. Thanks MrVR but i won't try it now... Because the prefab---instance issue i think can't be solved.
  16. I think there's no way to solve the "prefab instance's(i created later) light problem". So i give up use this bake light.
  17. This is use realtime light. and this is use baked lightMap. And i see no any effect of lightmap. And about prefab. i remove all except one prefab. and create instance in code. so these instances are whole black. I wonder if the toolkit can handle prefab to create instance?? And the bake light can effect instance???
  18. Light Mapper Mode choose "Shadow Baking" can generate lightmap texture. But the effect almost none...
  19. OK. I should try u3d toolkit. and i tried. there is baked light texture. but in my scene. all black...
  20. i used the old exporter. the exported materials mostly only have diffuseTexture. And i should add lots of lights to scene. and it really down the performance. How to export the baked light texture and make matreial has lightMapTexture or something else? I see the u3d-toolkits may have this function. But it seems too big to me. Is that a simple way to modify exportor code? @MackeyK24 I can't explain i ping you almost everytime except you're nice@Deltakosh
  21. Can this place check isEnabled? so that the effect needn't be create. when mesh changes and set enabled true, there will be new effect. the old one created by isReady is never used. @Deltakosh
  22. Then why dont you just use .babylon exporter and throw objLoader.
  23. @royibernthal Hey man. I understand you. Me also have this need. in loading screen. precompile most probable Effect. To make the running lag less. If you have new progress. Let us know.. I'm now doing the same thing. we can share about it.