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  1. OMG ! Now, that's something ! Does it include sounds embedded in animation ? Thx a lot for sharing canyonkarl
  2. Ok, then. Thanks a lot guys. Yeah, I didn't know springroll and it deserves full interest. Thx. If it wasn't for the scene editor I would'nt consider flash, me neither. But flash is exactly what I need to build my animations on a visual timeline and is still very well known by artists who are already very familiar with lot of adobe interfaces and traditionaly unable to dig into code. The thing is I don't code only for myself, I want the final result to be easily usable for other artists. Indeed. I just discovered I could have multiple html5 layers on top on a canvas but I won't u
  3. 163 views and 0 answer ? Was my question unclear, or full of nonsense in some way ? (Or is flash itself blacklisted here ? ) Let me know if my question has to be more specific or just formulated in a better english, I'll try my best. Thx
  4. Hi everybody, hope you will forgive and understand my bad english (from france here) I'm a very occasional coder. Most of the time I don't know what I'm doing but never stop until it works I am currently working on a project for a digital comics I am drawing. As the main purpose is to be able to set graphic scenes, panels, pages and so on, in a visual environnement, I choose to construct my digital comic in flash pro CC which is a very simple tool for building 2D scenes with animations and sound. Then, I use the flwebgl javascript tool made by Adobe for exporting flash scenes into we
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