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  1. Hummm it's not about tearing, it's about seing the the sprite in both new and old position for a short moment. I can only see it on my 144Hz monitor and it's happen more often on chrome than edge. Maybe because edge seems to be limited to 72fps.
  2. Hi there ! I got some blurry simple sprite movement when moving and having a camera lerp. It's only when I use more than 60FPS ( 144 exactly ) ( set up with = 144; ) So i tried to block at 60 FPS with = 144; but I got some ghosting like effect. It's really easy to see it on this example : Anyone got an idea to avoid the blur or the ghosting ? That would help me so much
  3. Hello ! I'm doing some game design and I got a question about in-app-purchase. Do you know if it's easy to use in-app purchase with an application based with phaser ? Regards