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  1. Oh wow Barry... I'm in love with that site now.... Must do some exploring...
  2. Ah I thought as much. Definately agree about scaling to your needs. I quite like the pixelated look tho for some things. A game I'm currently playing on iphone is "Storm the Train". It's an addictive 2D side scroller shooter to see how long you can go for. Quite like the graphics of that so yeah i think Illustrator would work better for me cause I quite like the graphics quality of games like that and Angry Birds... Thanks Barry
  3. Hey guys, Hopefully my last lame thread topic (getting over the noob stage...), but I was wondering what everyone's attitudes and methods are to game sprites or the characters, backgrounds, objects etc. What program do you use to create your sprites and why? I'm in two minds at the moment. I'm thinking either photoshop or Illustrator, but leaning more towards Illustrator so I can create scalable graphics cause just because you think a sprite would look good at a certain size, then you code it and demo it and eek.... Too big or too small. With the vector graphics of Illustrator, I can resize the images perfectly to any size I want and still keep a great quality. Plus with layers, I can make a base and then add different layers for different stages of movement. Or is that all wrong? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks guys! True Valhalla, do you mean you don't share the files or the name of the site you get the sounds from?
  5. Does anyone have or know of any great (and free ideally) libraries for sound effects and music for games? It's one thing to code and design a great game, but what about sound? Where do you get your effects from? Do you record your own or buy some from certain websites? Is there a specific format for games or can you use anything from mp3 to WAV? What other considerations need to be considered? Thanks in advance
  6. Just been looking at the finer print to Game Maker Studio and it said I WILL need to get a Mac to convert the HTML project into an iOS app. That's utter crap, really. I have never used a Mac and don't intend to start now. I think they are overpriced for what they do. Apple fanboys will surely disagree on this, but whatever. Who here has actually used Game Maker Studio on a PC? Also, True Valhalla (known as True Vanilla to some ), what is this mobility platform you suggest using alongside it?
  7. Haha I only just saw the typo I made. Sorry!
  8. I've been looking at the Game Maker Studio page, specifically at their multiformat options (http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/studio/multiformat) and I'm quite impressed. HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows 8 and even PC/Mac game versions are what you can convert to but at a cost of $499. Not so bad really but I think the other converters will be cheaper. I have a few months before I need to make a decision yet. But I think Game Maker may just have knocked off Appcelerator as my converter of choice...
  9. Halfbrick Studios are one of my favourite developers. They've made some great games like Monster Dash and Jetpack Joyride. I love the branding they do of this singular title character Barry Steakfries. While not quite a game, Pocket God is my favourite app. I may not play it all the time but I will never delete it cause it can be amusing Though my favourite games havent been coded yet...
  10. Love 8-Bit music and graphics HATE Bandcamp for personal reasons though...
  11. Thanks ra51 and True Vanilla. I've herd of Game Salad a while back and was going to get into it a few years back but I think back then it only ran on Mac IOS. I'm a PC guy through and through. Plus I worry about those do-it-all-for-you type things cause if something doesn't go right, you're left stuck. The downside of being a scripty kiddie eh?
  12. Hey Benny, Have you used CocoonJS any more? Just had a look at it and there was a word that I didn't like... Webview. I think it is able to convert your code to native code, but I'm still learning this stuff so I could be wrong. I don't want to use a webview browser type interface to play my games, I want the software to convert the HTML/CSS/JavaScript into native code. That's why I prefer Appcelerator over PhoneGap.
  13. That is insane! Those cannon balls... My depth perception couldn't cope with that... I suck at every Mario game haha
  14. Before I started learning code, I did speak to a few companies that would actually make an app for you and then get it to the app stores and deal with promotions as well. While I won't be using their services anymore, I understand that it is a crowded marketspace and that I would need to promote any app via social media and other means such as bloggers, magazines etc. So yeah the first app will be hard to promote but once you have an audience, I think having a website to play/showcase your apps and to show when a new app is coming out, as well as newsletters, social networking again (previews/screenshots of apps in development) will all help build an audience. I'm not just making one or two apps, but several and I aspire to get into console gaming later on so I will need to build up a loyal user base and keep them informed and interested.
  15. Hmm interesting... Does kinda echo my feelings that native code would be better than HTML based games for more complicated game apps. My strategy is to make one or two simpler (but addictive!) games to generate capital and from there produce native apps as well as an HTML version of the game to play online at a later date. It ties in with a bigger project I have in mind but that's secret...
  16. I don't have the funds to pay for developer fees at this stage, that's why I'm learning it myself. After the first app has gone out and (hopefully) makes a ton of cash, then I'll certainly pay for developer fees and make the more complicated, cartoony games. But it's kinda a personal mission now. I want to beat this. I like a challenge and I like to win so I'm determined to do this
  17. Thanks Rich, I've got about 10 different games already planned. I'm constantly looking for games like them but so far have found none or very poor attempts. I just want to run with this, but all I can do is crawl it seems. It's very frustrating...
  18. Thanks Remvst As I suspected, PhoneGap is for simpler applications rather than full on games. That's why I have been leaning towards Appcelerator. I've only just heard of CocoonJS so will need to look into that now. I did come across this article a while ago which compares PhoneGap and Appecelerator. Like me, the author was thinking it was a 2 horse race, so perhaps this CocoonJS is something new since the article was written: http://kevinwhinnery.com/post/22764624253/comparing-titanium-and-phonegap Just from that article alone, I definitely won't use PhoneGap for my projects, but I def appreciate feedback from people who have actually used the software themselves so am better informed. If there was a list of apps built by the different software, then that would be great to see how well they perform rather than just reading about the pros and cons.
  19. Hi all, Ok so I am learning how to code HTML5 along with Javascript and the cool Canvas element. Still very much a newbie so constantly scratching my head but slowly getting there... Anyways, the plan is to make an HTML5 game and then port it to various smart phones and sell the game apps through the respective Apple and Android (and possibly Blackberry now, thanks to the cool Z10) stores. I assume everyone kinda has this in mind rather than just having games up for free to play online, as after all mobile gaming is a great industry. So the question is, has anyone used the various software out there and which ones did you find work the best for creating a great game that performed how you wanted it to? The main ones I know of are PhoneGap and Appcelerator but I saw a thread on here and someone mentioned CocoonJS. Not heard of that one. Another question would be is native code (Objective-C) still better than these HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript builds or are they pretty much catching up now that its an even trade off to stick with your web coding skills rather than hire developers and such?