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  1. Hi, and welcome to Phaser wold To make it more clear: I will assume that you create your buttons in loop, "for" loop - for example..your problem is how to provide "index" value in function event callback "EquipItem"inventory array/object with "index" as a key is already an existing object"EquipItem" is function part of "this" object and buttons are created in function also part of "this" object Here you are, a three possible solutions: 1. Using Phaser "onInputDown" Signal event https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/v2.4.4/src/gameobjects/Button.js#L158 inventory[index].button = game
  2. Thanks all for your comments! Phaser is a great engine and with a great community, I am happy I have chance to share something that is creation and part of it's usability. I will post a lot of new interesting staff in near future
  3. Hi Everyone, I was working on a Phaser based website and as a part of the integration I needed to provide some objects interaction based on the song frequency data. To achieve this I needed to write a new Phaser plugin. This plugin allowed me to create a new extended type of Phaser.Sound object that provide real time sound data analyse. And now I want to share this plugin with all of you . Here you can view the demo http://zarkokaktus.byethost3.com/Phaser/sound_analyser/index.php You can GIT clone/download it from here: https://github.com/KaktusFlame/phaser-sound-analyser In the backg
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