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  1. Tile Remover is the mix of classic bubble shooter and falling down block puzzle. Try to remove all tiles from the playground. Colored tiles are falling down one by one in each round and you must place them how the same colors shall be alongside. If you make a group of tiles [by at least 3 tiles] from same color then them will be removed. When you skip more than 1 or 2 round(s) without making a group then a new line with tiles will appear of the bottom side of playground. Keyboard controls are: left arrow - move left right arrow - move right down arrow - speed up Watch video here:
  2. LeeKeeChild Construction kit New feature in LeeKeeChild. You can build and publish your own LeeKeeChild maps. Video:
  3. Lee Kee Child - 2016 march maps launched [25 new levels added] Enter 2016 march maps: Videos:
  4. Lee Kee Child - 2016 february maps launched [25 new levels] Lee Kee Child needs to collect diamonds for completing levels. Some levels flies and butterflies chase him. If Lee Kee Child touch these little enemies he will die. Possible to kill enemies by dropping stones, diamonds or touch acid. When the butterflies die them transforms to diamonds. Have fun! Play game here: Watch videos here:
  5. Lee Kee Child is a classic game for rocks&diamonds games lovers. 25 levels waiting for you. Let's go to play!
  6. Black Bomber is the small HTML5 game for bored people. Clean the landing area by bombs.