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  1. So I thought I was making progress now but I'm hitting an issue when I try this: function movePlayer() { easystar.findPath(player.isoX, player.isoY, selectedTile.isoX, selectedTile.isoY, drawPath); easystar.calculate(); } Any ideas?
  2. Hi all, So I'm doing a 2D shooter and at the moment I have it so a bullet is fired from my gun. However, I want a much better system for this where I can fully define a weapon and its parameters. Eg: Beretta = { firerate: 1 clipsize: 9 clips: 3 velocity: 200 vertical_angle_variance: 2 bulletDamage: 10 } How would I achieve this in Phaser?
  3. Hi all, I have been trying to follow this tutorial here: https://developer.tizen.org/community/tip-tech/using-easystar.js-implement-pathfinding-tizen-game-projects However, it mentions about a 2D array and right away I'm lost. I have a game in Phaser Isometric but I don't use a 2D array at all. I just have a tile and a loop to add to a tile group. spawnTiles: function () { var tile; for (var xx = 0; xx < 400; xx += 38) { for (var yy = 0; yy < 400; yy += 38) { // Create a tile using the new game.add.isoSprite factory method at
  4. Wow, man I barely started with Phaser and my head hurts. Haha. Well I did think about doing my game non-isometric but a flat grid just looks so lame. =/ Thanks again, you have been super help to me!
  5. How are collisions supposed to work? I tried both overlap and collide methods. Getting real confused as to why its acting crazy. TileGame.zip
  6. Thanks again, the new code still works and more efficient for sure!
  7. Wow thank you so much! Works great! I'll try your updated solution now. I was working from your earlier post before.
  8. Hi all, In the past I've created some half baked games with C Programming and Lua. However, I never felt like people would be able to play them on much platforms without downloading something. Phaser and the way games can be played on any device looks very attractive. Right, so I want to create an isometric game. I want to have it click based. I got that part working. However, clicking on a tile will not center the player on the tile. What would be a possible solution? Attached my files in case anyone wants to see the current behavior and maybe help me out. Thanks for reading. TileGa
  9. Your game is pretty damn cool! How does the move to tile work? I don't get how it gets centered to the tile.
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