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  1. We have an empty repo at this moment I do have some stuff I have already tested on my local, and it's looking good. Currently problem is, that editor exports a texture atlas in format of libGDX Texture Packer, which is not supported by Phaser. But, I talked with Richard, and he mentioned that it's pretty easy to add this support (I just do not know if it is being worked right now by anyone or what are the estimates. If it is something that will not happen in near time, I can myself take a look at it, given you guys can show me how) As soon as this is done, I can literally make a working runtime overnight imho. Okay maybe 2 days ) Basically first step is. is to take this - (Our HaxeFlixel runtime) and translate it to javascript and phaser, which I am sure is super easy. TL; TR: Having issues with reading libgdx formatted texture atlas, and empty repo is up and waiting.
  2. Hi, I am developer of Overlap2D, which is an open source level and ui editor. Overlap2D's main logic is to give level designer a way to composite a big non tiled map of nested things, and export that as JSON. Later a developer can use any framework/language of their choice to load, render and use that map the way they see fitting, given there is a runtime lib made for that language/framework. Check out our website and main video if it's still unclear: Now to the point, originally we had a runtime for libGDX, and currently are adding a runtime fo Haxe. I am thinking next step should be Phaser. And I am happy to make a runtime for it. I am going to kickstart the process, open a repo on github, start making a skeletal half working version. And if you guys are interested in having a level editor for phaser, I hope you can also contribute a bit too to that repo, in order to make sure it is written in the "phaser" style. Overlap2D renders things like, Images, Nested Groups with layers, Sprite Animations, Spine Animations, Spriter Animations, Particle Effects, Labels, Custom shaped polygons, 9patch slices. We support adding physics data to any item as well as physics shapes. Substituting custom shaders, adding tags, custom variables and identifiers to scene items, and so on. I would be happy to bring this to phaser, and would appreciate any help (mainly questions I have) if possible. And also, please speak up if this is something you will like to use, while using phaser Best.