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  1. Jazz

    TileSprite scaling

    still having this problem with tilesprites being blurry when scaled up when using WEBGL, is there a fix?
  2. Gallery has some very nice effects, well done! do you also have an example that is integrated in phaser?
  3. I am using the pixel scaling plugin to scale my canvas, everything seems ok except tilesprites, they are still blurry... I found this bug which exactly describes my problem: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/618 -> issue closed Im using phaser 2.3.0 how can i see what and where the fix is?
  4. can confirm, tilemap performs better in 2.3.0. picture below is when tilemap is moving:
  5. this.pixelEmitter.renderer.display.fixedToCamera = true Displays the effect everywhere indeed, but does not give the desired effect with a scrolling map think i somehow need to give each particle a x,y offset depending on startlocation of the camera
  6. Hey All, So im using the pixel emitter: this.pixelEmitter = Config.particleManager.createEmitter(Phaser.ParticleStorm.PIXEL); this.pixelEmitter.renderer.pixelSize = 2; this.image = Config.particleManager.createImageZone('heart'); this.pixelEmitter.emit('basic', 1200,0, { zone: this.image, full: true, spacing: 2, setColor: true });And my canvas is 1280x640 with a scrolling tilemap, but everything will get clipped after the coordinates exceed the original canvas size 1280x640: How can i prevent this and use the emitter in the whole map?
  7. Did you already look through the 'sprite.body.data' prototypes?
  8. Nevermind! it applies the blending for everything in the same group i think, anyway got it working
  9. Hey all, When using a blendmode on a particle the blendmode will get applied to everything on the canvas, player sprites , tile map etc. is this the expected behavior? i want to have it applied only for the particle image someone knows how to do this?
  10. Something like this works, but its to jittery this.onUpdate = function () { console.log("x: " + game.camera.x + "y: " + game.camera.y) game.tweens.remove(this.cameraTweenBack); if ((game.camera.y - (player.y - (game.camera.height / 2)) < 10) && (game.camera.x - (player.x - (game.camera.width / 2)) < 10)) { console.log("destination reached") game.camera.follow(player); } else { this.cameraTweenBack = game.add.tween(game.camera).to({ y: (player.y - (game.camera.height / 2)),
  11. cant you do it the otherway around? sprite.body = body
  12. Hello, im trying to tween the camera to the player position like this: this.cameraTween= game.add.tween(game.camera).to({y: (player.y- (game.camera.height /2)), x: (player.x- (game.camera.width /2))}, 500).start() this.cameraTweenBack.onComplete.add(function () { game.camera.follow(player); }, this); this is OK when the player is not moving. However when the player is moving the follow function will make it snap to the delta it moved during the tween. chaining tweens dint fix this problem for me
  13. its working with these fixes, but how do u load specific layers and not just the whole map ? nvm: i can access them under map.layers[] how should i approach drawing the player between layers 2 and 3? also all debug information is gone using this plugin, its now drawing on top of everything my guess is
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