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  1. Anyway I started tracking all frames and then deleting them in appropriate way. So thanks. Problem solved...
  2. Sorry, my fault. Devs are lazy, don't want to read manuals Is there any way to delete all events from given animation? Because events are created dynamically from user input. So with removeEvents(frame) I have to track frames also because I don't know when user will create the event while animation is playing.
  3. Hey Babylon citizens! Hope you are all doing well! I have this piece of code: var animation = cameraAnimation.getAnimations()[0]; var endOfPartialAnimationEvent = new BABYLON.AnimationEvent( myDynamicValueOfTheFrame, function() { do something }, true); animation.addEvent(endOfPartialAnimationEvent); I need to delete this event from animation at some point of time. And I don't know how to do that. Problem is when I runs this code multiple times, all this events are still on my animation, but I do need only last one. So how can I delete for example all existing events on my animation? Thanks!
  4. Hey! Thanks for your help guys! So let's see what I have so far... So first of all I figured out that it does not work only on iPhone SAFARI!!! Chrome is ok. And it finishing loading scene file and then there are about 30 textures and it starts downloading them, and then crash and browser refreshes. So my actually problem is that there is no error in the console. Just refreshes.... I looked through this tool. Kinda cool stuff. But somehow it does not work when I put the code to heroku and oopen on my phone. It shows up the device (only if i'm using proxy) but when I click - it only spinning. Just dont have time to figure out ehats the issue there. But I believe it will be the same issue - browser will crash without errors and refresh on iPhone and I wont see anything... DB, Right now we take out all the textures - just put 3DMAX default ones!! AND BOOM, it works fine!!!! Hey DB, DK, is there any known issues with amount of textures? Is there any MAX number of meshes with textures? Not sure about the materials, but all textures are baked. So it is no dynamic lights on this scene... Added. link the same - Dont know what the actually limitation, but if it works an all other browsers, hope it is fine? DB, just want to appreciate your time and efforts!!!
  5. Hey Babylon citizens! How are you guys testing on mobile? Our app crashes on mobile devices. So I was trying to create one of our basic scenes without all our complicated logic and Angular app to be able to test. Here is a link in case you want to look at It works on android but does not on iPhone so far. It just crashes and reload the page, so I can't see the console. Don't know what's really happening. I started up a simulator on my mac - and it works fine on all devices from iPhone 4s and later. So I feels like there is a difference between iOS simulator and real device. Also I've tried browserstack but have not found console output on their real iPhone devices, because they gave me only 10 mins per day free trial And its not working on their cloud iPhones though. I would pay if I can get console output to see what is happening behind the scene.... SO.... How are you guys testing BabylonJS on Mobile? Appreciate your help guys!
  6. Hey. Problem resolved. The problem was in 3dMax object properties. Local scale value was strange in Max, so we did xform reset and all values got back to 100 (looks like this is default value). Now everything scales fine. Thanks RaananW for the - "Scaling happens in local coordinates of the mesh"
  7. Oh thanks RaananW - I think that is the answer to my problem - Scaling happens in local coordinates of the mesh. I cannot reproduce this problem on playground - because it is a lot of stuff happening on my angular app in order to get this point. But here what is happening. This is screenshot from my normal picture on this particular mesh. And then when I get this mesh and apply mesh.scaling.x = 2 that will give me something like this: And I was thinking that that is because it scales on Global coordinates. But if its not, that means that something wrong in my code....
  8. Hey Babylon citizens! Hope you are all doing well! I have big scene imported from 3dMAX. I have planes (meshes) in this scene where I dynamically put pictures as textures. And I need to scale my planes (meshes) to fit ratio of the picture before adding picture as a texture. But the problem is this planes are randomly located in scene. So they are just placed in a 3d world with different angles and positions. I did not find a solution in a forum. So basically I have plane (mesh) with height and width and I need to adjust height depends on picture ratio. But just mesh.scaling.x/y/z = ... is not working because this meshes are rotated. Do I need to get vector of left or right edge of my mesh and then apply scaling by this vector? Or is there any other way to achieve my goal? Thanks!!!
  9. Hey, Babylon citizens! I'm trying to find some kind of analytics for interaction with WebGL. What I need is to get some info about how long user spend watching for some Babylon stuff (playing game) in canvas element, track clicks on babylon scene and so on. I was investigating this field and found that there is nothing to track webgl or canvas interaction. All services such as Google Analytics, Clicky, Mouseflow, which can give you info about where user clicks and how long etc... and even can write video of mouse moving will not give me what is happening on canvas element at that point of time. Which means I don't know what user is doing with WebGL. I know that I can track what I need manually and store all data somewhere to get analytics what I need. Like for example send time when user start scene in Babylon, and then get time when canvas element destroyed for example. But just want to double-check with you guys that I'm not missing some existing software.
  10. Hey folks, does someone know how to delete this postprocess from camera? I have this: var postProcessBW = new BABYLON.BlackAndWhitePostProcess('Black and White', 1.0, camera); And I need to stop this postprocess? How can I do it? Thanks
  11. Oh wow it seems to work for me right now.... super weird...... But it did not work yesterday... SUX... But on my app still the same issue, black screenshot. I will try to run my localhost server on windows machine today, maybe my mac has some issues.
  12. Hey Deltakosh - thanks one more time. I did not think about it, and I don't know why . But now I've got this issue! Appreciate your hint Take a look at it - If you comment line 130 and click on one of the objects - screenshot will be fine. With this color correction line - it is black!!!!
  13. My function gets picture - just png file in order to get some color correction. So it is not js. BTW is there any way to upload my file to playground, so I can use it in my function then and create my example?
  14. Hey Babylon citizens! Hope you all are doing pretty good I'm trying to use Babylon's createscreenshot function in order to get picture from scene at certain position of the camera. And my problem that when I'm using ColorCorrectionPostProcess my screenshot is just black. Without this line - OK. And when I'm also using ParticleSystem it is not shows up on my screenshot. Could it be any issue with that? Or it is just something wrong with my code? Cannot create any PlayGround example because my function uses color palette from file -> var postColorProcessHighContrast = new BABYLON.ColorCorrectionPostProcess('color_correction', 'effects/highcon.png', 1.0, camera, null, engine, true); Thank you for your help.
  15. Sorry, my fault. Missed your top lines.... Yeah. I put this code and it is finally works :)))) It even automatically puts cookies which is awesome :))) Adam, thank you so much for your time and patience What do you think is it ok to loose all other functionality from default LoadImage function? It is a lot of other stuff there, database and other if's which I dont understand. Appreciate your help!