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  1. Hello @SamTheMighty I'm faced with the same question. Did you find the solution?
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this example. Very interesting one! And... On your gif... Is it a browser or some tool? Just interesting
  3. wow, missed that example Thx! looks like it is what I need. Still not the easy way, like built-in ResizeManager but... Resizing have never been easy thing
  4. Thank you very much for sharing! I know this way to make resizing with css, but, unfortunately, it is not enough for me I wanna use build in features like it was in phaser 2 to make games fully responsive to all screen sizes I'm aimed to do the best user-friendly and customer loved games, so it would be great to know if it planned to do in phaser 3 or I should it develop by my own
  5. Hello Still not? Could you please share info when it might be implemented? Or maybe somebody has the well-written plugin for that? Thank you!
  6. flahhi

    Pause updates?

    Hello, it was already discussed here game.lockRender = true looks like right solution
  7. p.s. wow, comments in code snippet with syntax highlighting in previous post looks terrible
  8. Hello there, I have found strange behavior one of the phaser's example. Out Of Game Mouse Up example didn't work on Phaser 2.5+. onUp called immediately when mouse is out the game canvas. It isn't expected result: // Even if you release the mouse button outside of the game window // the 'onUp' function will still be called. Everything is ok on Phaser 2.4.4. So, what happened? Who knows?
  9. Hi there. I have phaser game project and I want to setup debugger for all phaser files from repository. I can build my own single-file phaser via npm, but it is not comfortable rebuild every time after such minor changes. So interesting, how @rich (for example) use debugger for phaser (single-file debugging, or for all separate files)? And how is correctly setup the project for debug core-code. I need include all core files into my own html file, or I can use some special hack or existing sources?
  10. flahhi

    Forum Upgraded

    So, a long time passed but code in some topics still broken. Is it possible to fix that? Very uncomfortable...
  11. @veggis Oh, no sorry. I'm writing about performance after upgrading from phaser 2.3 in general. Not about post-rendering. Yes, of course I've used profiler. This is screen http://www.screencast.com/t/ZsEgJG5G If I use Canvas mode and advancedTiming turned on - I have a lot of lags on device. Whan I put advancedTiming = false and go to webGl renderer - it solve problem partly, the performance become better.
  12. I test it, and unfortunately it issue not connected with screen dimensions. On old devices (not very old, samsung s3 for example) game lagging sometimes. And after that I have problems with timers. In addition, when I turn on advancedTiming the game performance decreases, so I can't test it with fps indicator...
  13. Have the same problem, but without tilemaps. Using p2 physics, several game states. Without moving camera... Just simple physics puzzle. And also have problems with performance in 2.4.4. In phaser 2.3.0 it is better, but I have other problems with it
  14. Really? Thank you for your feedback. I'm not sure of course. Yes, I use scale mode - Phaser.ScaleManager.RESIZE But I'm very careful, and keep all game proportions. So, it may be, and I'll test it again, but I'm not sure this is the main problem. I've tested on many high performance devices with different screen size, testing with chrome dev tools... And everything was okay.
  15. Hi there, I have a problem with game mechanics on mobile devices. Mechanics connected with timers. For example, I have a physics character (using p2 physics), which fly up during some time, then falling down. So the problem is my character fly on different heights on different devices. I think it's a problem with performance and game fps. I've tried to connect mechanics with game.time.fps - but it's don't help. Maybe anybody have some ideas what is going on? This is the part of code for example: function fly() { if (timer1.ms < force + 50/*I've tried to add fps here, but no effect*/) { sprite.body.data.gravityScale = -2; } else if (timer1.ms > force - 50) { sprite.body.data.gravityScale = 2; } } var timer1 = application.game.time.create(false); timer1.repeat(myTime, 3, fly); timer1.start(); I use phaser 2.4.4