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  1. Hi @jonforum I didn't make that test but if you click on the links above it should show the same "tumbler test" using the different engines, you can then see the FPS for your machine. The hard coded FPS are those achieved by finscn on his machine, they aren't "dynamic" @ivan.popelyshev I personally liked matterJS as it wasn't too old and had good documentation and was really easy to get running with PIXI. However as @mobileben has used both this and the typescript box2d and has demonstrated that box2sd is more accurate I am going to look into this in more detail before making a decision. I think if you wanted something quick and easy matterJS would be acceptable but perhaps box2d might be more accurate in the long run. I think this is also a good contender: It is a javascript rewrite of box2d and still has an active repository.
  2. @ivan.popelyshev interested you chose P2, I saw this from finscn who I recognised from the PIXI forums. In this test P2 runs around 20FPS slower than box2d
  3. @mobileben Thanks for the detailed post, appreciate it. A lot of really useful stuff here for me to digest. I'm still at the "R&D" stage so will definitely take some time to delve deeper into box2d. Cheers
  4. @mobileben - I did see your issues on the matter-js when i started looking, which is why I also looked at PlanckJS. Did you find box2d to be more consistent overall? I guess the pixel coordinates in MatterJS were more appealing on first glance than having to convert everything to the box2d world space. What port of box2d do you use as there seemed to be quite a few, was it PlanckJS? Thanks
  5. Thanks for that, I have something similar, not tidied it up yet so this is really useful Once I got the Matter canvas to sit on top of the pixi stuff it got a lot easier to figure out. I can now draw shapes in PIXI using and have them controlled by Matter. In this quick test I have a PIXI sprite with a PIXI graphic drawn on it. All the red shapes in the image are PIXI graphics which become Matter bodies (the white lines are the Matter canvas overlay) Lots of potential
  6. @d13 thanks for taking the time to reply. Decided to go with MatterJS as it seemed more friendly.
  7. @ivan.popelyshev Do you have a recommendation for a physics engine to use with Pixi js? I am currently looking at matter.js and planck.js Cheers
  8. Thanks for your continued work on this plug-in. It is much appreciated!!!