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  1. And this is a particles flow, not a galaxy.
  2. Hi ! You should do it that way : var projectile = JSON.parse( localStorage.getItem('_projectile')); if (projectile) this.projectile = game.add.sprite(projectile.x,projectile.y,'image') else this.projectile = game.add.sprite(100,300,'image')
  3. Nice to see that the "so famous" rotator was used ! Nice work guys
  4. Oops, I guess Jerome used firetexture godrays, once.

    That still leaves waterTexture.

  5. Hey, how's it goin'?  

        Ya know... when you joined the forum, you did a bunch of mind-blowing demos and.... those were nice.  Been doin' stuff?  I hope you do more webGL demos.  You're good at 'em.

    I've been thinking (oh goodie)...  We have that material library now... water texture is easy to turn-on and has some nice adjustable properties.  Also, if you've ever looked at godrays in BJS (volumetric light scattering)... it uses a texture as the godrays radiator.  Godrays are a post-process thing, so they are really 2D.  But still... nobody has tried a water texture (or even fire... any of the animated procedural textures - can't rem how many there are)... as a godrays emitter.

    You should try it... if you have time.  And feel free to add-on one of them cool postProcessRenderPipeline toys that you are known-for.

    Anyway, just sayin' hi, thinkin' about all the cool stuff you've done... wonderin' if there will be more.  :) Be well!

  6. Hi ! Simply juste use : sphere.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(1.5, 1.5, 1.5);
  7. @jerome : enjoy this one
  8. Hi ! Sorry to not be so present thoses times... a lot of work etc .... Just got my hand back to babylonjs last night to see if i still know how to code with Here is a simple rotator, nothing fancy, just some sin/cos
  9. Hi ! Yet another analyzer but this time using directly the webaudio api. All with some refraction and camera switch
  10. Hi ! You should add the debugLayer and check the meshTree to see if you are really referencing the right object in the scene like object[0] can be a light. (i got that problem too)
  11. The last one for the fun :
  12. Thanks @RaananW ! meshImpostor was the key (Only with CannonJS as Oimo doesn't support meshImpostor)
  13. Latest thing i ended up
  14. Haha great one ! btw, take care, you dropped water on your screen : (clean effect : )