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  1. I think NeoProfessor means to say that its actually difficult enough, and maybe it could be a bit easier in the beggining
  2. Nice graphics, runs great . Only problem is with the x and z controls which are a little unuasual. I think replacing the x with space would make an improvement. One more thing I noticed, is that if I try to double jump a little later It wont't work. So it has to be pressed twice immediately to work. Good job otherwise
  3. Great to hear that, still trying to figure out the lags though, especially the restart :/
  4. Hi there! I have been making games for a while now but just recently started HTML5 in Game Maker Studio, and Flash is my first finished game Flash is a very simple highscore based Arcade game, where you have to manoever through obstacles and pick up dots to score, and you can buy themes with them in the store. Unfortunately the game doesn not always run smoothly (his is mostly because of it being hosted on dropbox), but I hope you can still enjoy it. Feel free to comment about any observations and remarks Online Game Link: