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  1. Hi, I've created a new small (phaser) game to prove to myself that I can make a project (for myself) from start to finish The game is similar to “Simon” memory game, but with funny characters and sounds + characters swap locations. Hope you like it! play in kongregate: download from google play:
  2. hi, I've created a small game in phaser and used it as a learning experience for developing a game from start to finish, including publishing to google play. The game can be seen here: I've used Intel XDK + cordova to build an app for android, then downloaded the apk files and published to google play (currently as alpha release): Apparently, there are 2 apk files (that were created by cordova for different devices), but here's the weird thing: I'm using Samsung Galaxy s3. I used it to go to Google Play to find the game, download & install. running the game I noticed that I have no sound at all. When skipping the store and installing the apk straight from my computer, it worked just fine... can any of you try to get the app from Google Play and install it to see if you experience the same problem? anyone had this before and can tell me the reason for this? Thanks! Assaf.
  3. ldd, how does it look now? I think it's better when the background change is shorter. phreaknation, I think that discovery is a part of the fun in a game. especially if it's not too painful.. don't you think?
  4. Hi, Please have a second look: I've implemented characters swap places on each turn + added score and mute button. Next step I'm going to learn how to how to wrap it with something to create an app and upload to google play. what do you recommend to use for this process? I also need a name. What do you think about "click, don't blink"? any other smart inputs? Thanks, Assaf.
  5. Thank you so much. I have a lot to think about. I'll probably take 1 or 2 ideas to implement in this project.
  6. OK, so I made some changes: 1. added a loading screen 2. loading phaser from cdnjs 3. added indication for when is the player's turn to repeat the sequence + how many items left to click. also changed the background color when it's the computer's turn. is it clear enough? what do you think? 4. for distractors, I thought maybe to move the characters between themselves after each turn, so the characters will mix between the 6 available positions. how does this sound to you? Please try it now: I'd love to get more inputs. It's really helping me! I'm not sure I want to work on it too much as it's supposed to be a very basic 1st (indie) game for me, but I also want it to be very clear and attractive enough for people to make them play more than once. again, thanks a lot for your help!!
  7. Thanks for the feedback, but can you please explain what do mean by "a loading screen"? Did you have to wait until something got loaded before you could play? Did you see a blank screen or something like this?
  8. Hi, I usually work on clients' projects so I don't have much time for other stuff, but recently I decided to create a game from start to finish. In order to really succeed in doing this, I decided to start with a very basic game. It's based on the idea of the Simon game (from the 80's). A simple memory game where you have to click buttons (that have unique colors and sounds) in a specific order, to follow the computer's demonstration. I've created the basic functionality and I'm looking for ideas to spice up the game play and reach the point where I'll be able to publish the game without worrying that the players will get bored to death... Here's what I currently have (created in Phaser by the way): Any idea will be much welcomed. Thanks in advance! Assaf.
  9. Hi, I'm going to start working on a darts game soon and I'm looking for any helpful reference, source code or tutorial that can help me with ideas, techniques and shortcuts. In case you know anyone or anything that can help me please let me know. For some reason I can't find anything like that in the web. I guess this type of games is not so popular... Thanks!
  10. I found it. It's a stupid mistake of missing the script tag (reference to Ball.js) in the HTML file.
  11. Hi, I'm probably doing something wrong here, but I can't find it for hours now... please help! I'm working with Typescript on a football game. I have a Game state and a ball sprite. I'm trying to create a class for the ball, which extends Phaser.Sprite. I'm getting no errors in the editor, but I get console error. This is the code for the Game state: // reference to typescript files /// <reference path="../lib/phaser.d.ts" /> /// <reference path="../Objects/Ball.ts" /> module Football{ export class Game extends Phaser.State{ ball: Football.Ball; preload(){"ball","Graphics/3d-ball.png", 229, 229, 4, 9, 6); } create(){ this.ball = new Ball(,100, 100); } update(){ } } } And this is the Ball class: /// <reference path="../lib/phaser.d.ts" /> module Football{ export class Ball extends Phaser.Sprite{ constructor (game: Phaser.Game,x:number,y:number){ super(game,x,y,"ballShadow"); } update(){ } } } When running, I get the following error in the console: "Game.ts:17 Uncaught TypeError: Football.Ball is not a constructor". Can someone tell me what's wrong with my code? Thanks!
  12. Apparently, only when the wall has a velocity attached to its body - innerWall.body.velocity it can collide with the start and push them, but it only works at the direction of the velocity. meaning, if it has a positive velocity.x, it will push stars to the right, but will not push stars to the left. you can write: innerWall.body.velocity.x = 0.0001; innerWall.body.velocity.y = 0.0001; so the movement will not be seen, but again, this will only solve the problem in 2 directions out of 4 (right & down).
  13. Hi, I've followed path number 2 and it seems to work, but I have another question: I'm working with the Phaser framework and its built-in "arcade" physics engine. There's a 2 ways in this engine to check collisions: 1. using the "collide" method will physically respond to the collision between the objects 2. using the "overlap" method will call a function in response to the collision I used number 2, because I want the reaction to happen just when the ball is small enough (meaning it's far enough from the player), but then I have to do something to simulate the ball's reaction to the collision, therefore I miss the opportunity to use the "physical reactions" of the physics engine's. (I hope I've managed to explain it clearly enough... if not, please let me know). From your experience, is there any easier/better way to do that in Phaser?
  14. Thanks Alex, it sounds like I should give it a try. I'll publish an update after trying that.
  15. hi, I need to create a sort of a 3d environment, where the player needs to shoot a ball to the goal (front view - see attached image). During the flight of the ball towards the goal, it needs to hit some targets. I need some kind of 3d collision mechanism to detect if the ball collides with the targets, or with the goal itself. I guess it can be done using mathematics calculations, but I don't know where to begin. I saw there's an isometric plugin that can place objects in a z-position. Maybe this is the right solution? Has anyone got any experience with this type of problem and can share with us? Thanks!