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  1. Hey there! I recently released a mobile game called Cobalt Dungeon. This game is based on Phaser 2 and uses a fullscreen canvas and basically only touches the DOM during initialization. The application itself is wrapped in Cordova 8 and runs on iPhone and Android. It's currently available for both platforms in their respective stores: Cobalt Dungeon for iOS on the App Store Cobalt Dungeon for Android on the Play Store The game took me four months to create, from start to finish. I had created games before using HTML5 / canvas, and had released one before on the app sto
  2. Drone Core is a game I worked on with a friend about a year ago. He's a 3D artist and I'm a developer. The game uses WebSockets for communication, and movements and chat occur in real-time. The game itself is turn-based, so you can watch your enemy slowly fumble around. The engine is entirely custom (rendering the isomorphic hex grid looked like it was going to be painful in existing engines), though I recently switched to Phaser for other projects. While the game can be entirely controlled by clicking on the menu on the left, using a keyboard and a desktop computer is highly recommended.
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