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  1. Hi Bob, After thinking about it, I've decided that the website is actually more important than the app as what I want to build is a share of information between people in tables so it's more of a website than an app. Could you please elaborate on how to create a responsive website which will work on both desktop and mobile screen sizes? The only thing right now I do know about web development that it should be done with HTML5 and CSS3. I'm not sure about which kind of Javascript to learn (simply go directly to learning Jquery? Ajax?). Or can I do it even much faster using WordPress and then I
  2. Hi all, I want to create an application which will need a website as well. What I'm looking for is how to make as few different source codes as possible. My definition for a "source code" is a code for a single platform/service. What needs to be done is as follows: 1) Mobile app - there's a need for: iOS version, Android version, Windows phone version, web service, database. 2) Website - client and server side, database. My priorities are from highest to lowest: 1) As few source codes as possible. 2) Fastest learning curve as possible for my knowledge (will be described next) 3) Cheapest. My k
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