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  1. @Wandrinceen hope you like it Hey guys, new one right here: 800+ Tiles and fully animated! https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io/roguenoir-cyberpunk-assetpack-pixelart
  2. Hey Guys, I am doing mostly game assets, but I am tinkering around on my own game for a long time now. I am still uncertain about the graphics style and would like to have some feedback on this one (image). All thoughts are appreciated. - I am using phaserJS. It's a kind of exploration, Metroidvania stylish. But at the very early stage of implementation still. note: this screen is not entirely tilebased and was edited. ~ sam
  3. Hey Guys, another one is online! you should check it out. https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io/metroid-scifi-pixelart-tileset all sets: https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io twitter: https://twitter.com/s4m_ur4i
  4. HUGE release! 1500+ Sprites Please check it out! https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io/huge-pixelart-asset-pack
  5. Hey Guys, I just released a top-down zelda-like perspective Dungeon Tileset, with objects and monsters. please check it out! https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io/16x16-topdown-dungeonset-pixelart
  6. More Stuff! Check it out! 🎉 https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io/factory-tileset
  7. HEY! It's again: FREE game asset day! haha https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io/free-sprites-elements-8x8-retro-pixelart-platformer-brawler I hope you enjoy! this is for the game jam: https://itch.io/jam/mini-jam-14-elements- (But you can use it even after it, or for something else ) credit is appreciated. -- If you like it, check out my other projects, I just released a big Metroidvania / roguelike/platformer Tileset: https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io/2d-metroidvania-tileset-16x16 Everything is low cost because of Indies Check out everything: https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io
  8. Hey Guys! Yesterday I released a free PICO-8 tileset, free for everyone to use, so grab it! https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io/pico-8-pixelart-free-tiles If you like it, check out my other projects, I just released a big Metroidvania / roguelike / platformer Tileset: https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io/2d-metroidvania-tileset-16x16 Everything is low cost because of Indies Check out everything: https://s4m-ur4i.itch.io
  9. Hey, You mean the gaps between those tiles? If you don't have a moving camera, it can be that the graphics aren't 100%. note: If you later on plan to at a moving camera, I suggest, you create a margin around every tile in your graphics file. and add a bit more of the colors on the edges, because there will be small gaps on those graphics if the camera moves fast. Also tile culling doesn't fix this as of this threat:
  10. Hey I'd like to share my controls class with you: Maybe it is helpful for your purpose Everytime const controls = new Controls -> if(controls.on('keyname')) is done, you get a true or false. class Controls { constructor(scene) { this.scene = scene; this.enabled = true; this.keyboard = this.scene.input.keyboard.createCursorKeys(); this.key = this.scene.input.keyboard.addKeys({ 'TAB': Phaser.Input.Keyboard.KeyCodes.TAB, 'ESC': Phaser.Input.Keyboard.KeyCodes.ESC, 'Space': Phaser.Input.Keyboard.KeyCodes.SPACE, 'X': Phaser.Input.Keyboard.KeyCodes.X, 'One
  11. For me, I choosed a higher Text size and just scaled it down (0.1) so you can use values below scale = 1 01. - 1.0 I think this is because the rendered text (scale 1.0) is threatened like a sprite. When scaling it up, it gets blurry too. By making the text just bigger by default and working with lower scale values, I did not see any pixelation. Hope that helped
  12. Personally, I found that using multiple scenes is a lot more comfortable for many things, like UI elements etc. because it can get messy if your game gets bigger. It kind of sorts it. And also is not affected by the camera of the other screen - as Rich already pointed out. The only thing is, that you have to get sure the new scene (if your game is bigger than the view) is aligned with the underlying scene.
  13. add "rel=stylesheet" to your <link> element. Get sure that the path to your CSS-File is correct. The CSS seems not to be loaded as of the background of the text-boxes should be black. also: I think you need to give your canvas an ID and put it in the phaser game config, not sure about that, since I never used it that way. Maybe someone else can clarify. and add this to your CSS to get rid of browser defaults * { margin: 0; padding: 0; outline: none; text-decoration: none; border: 0; }
  14. this.scene.tweens.add({ targets : this , scale : 10 ease : 'Linear', duration : 500, }); You can simplify it. targets only needs to be an array if it's multiple targets. scale: 1 does both X&Y yoyo default is false, as 0 of repeat and "this" of callbackScope.
  15. After digging through the documentation: I think this is not intended behavior. At least, if you have a game were the camera zoom out and in because of multiplayer or having an action platformer, there is no way to fix any sprite to the camera's view. If a sprite is set with sprite.setScrollFactor(0) it should be kept in view when the sprite's position is initially in view. Even if the camera is zoomed.Zoom is an option on the game config, and useful in a lot of cases to have your game with a base zoom. Rather than taking the scrollX and scrollY of the camera, which are minus value
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