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  1. Glad you liked it. You know? Some players say it's too fast and some say it's too slow, dunno what to do here. Also, ads are subjective. The more times you lose, the more ads you see.
  2. Description: "Spaceroids" is addictive arcade game which depends on Timing, Anticipation, and Luck. Use your hand to launch the space rocket to explore the solar system and travel between planets on the "Endless" mode, or control your spaceship and test your skill on the challenging set of levels! Details: App Name: Spaceroids Price: Free Developer: Qalamar Release Date: 8 July 2017 Platforms: Android, Web (HTML5) Press/Business Contact: contact@qalamar.comIcon:Screenshots: Features: • Addictive Gameplay & Simple Controls • Unique Levels & Endless Mode • Neat Theme & Breathtaking
  3. We just released our first game to "Google Play" , which was made with C2 and HTML5 and wrapped with Cocoon.io Link: Google Play Gameplay: Video Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/BlueSn0w/wipo Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/671533 "Wipo" is an addictive platform game which depends on reaction time , anticipation and of course "luck" ! Where once you move forward , you can't go back ... Move the square to the end of each level with the least number of deaths. Unlock all the "Achivements" and discover your "Ranking" among other players . Gam
  4. Yes , with a high performence from the start . i tried looking for someone with a similar issue but with no luck . i'll probably post this on scirra website
  5. I tried making a loading screen , but now the game won't run at all xD , i'll test more to see if i can fix it
  6. i want to know about armorgames too
  7. No coding experience = construct 2 Already a programmer = phaser
  8. Hello , I'm a html5 game dev (and a construct 2 user) , my problem is , when trying the apk which i got from ludei and cocoon.js i get horrible fps in the first 10 seconds . then performence return to stable 60fps , is there any tips on how to fix this ?
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