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  1. When i create an app for android with intelXDK, the sounds with phaser (2.4.4) don´t works. i have solved the problem using the Cordova Native Audio with the latest cordova cli version (5.1.1) in the intelXDK 2727) but only works for android 4 or above Warning: CLI 5.1.1 requires a minimum Android API level of 14. Your project was set to an Android API level of '10' which is not supported by this version of Cordova. NOTE: The minimum Android API has been set to '14'. This means your application can only be installed on Android 4.0 and higher devices! If you need to build a version of your application that can be installed on earlier devices, use a previous version of the CLI.Other thing i have realize is that this plugin is not able to play sounds as fast as Phaser , for example, for shotting sounds. Try this website to test: my app use agular as well. sorry for my english, soy español , viva la Tortilla de patatas