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  1. Not directly that I know of. Using bootstrap's media queries you coul use something like (in .less)

    @media (max-width: @screen-xs-max) and (orientation:landscape) {     // Put your conditional css here}

    And then if you need to do things with javascript maybe you could try this "hack" https://www.fourfront.us/blog/jquery-window-width-and-media-queries



    This should work on a page web, but I have no idea how to deploy an app yet, so I don't know if it can work in the final product.

  2. Hello


    First of, I simply love the design and the logo (a panda, who doesn't love pandas ?) of the engine, good work ! But, (as a new PandaJS developer anyway) there is something that bothers me. How are "modules" intended to be used ? In the examples there are 2 custom modules - objects and assets. But since I would prefer having 1 class per file, should I make 1 module per class ? Like having a "game.objects" whos only job is to extend something like "game.objects.character", "game.objects.projectile", and so on. Or should I just stick to only one module (ex. "game.objects") and use something like RequireJS to import my classes inside this specific module ?


    In fact, I'm just not really sure what modules really do and I'm afraid it's something I won't learn while programming if I don't ask. A short explanation or a link to one would be nice.


    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english !