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  1. Hi, why not use the WP header to enqueue your JS librairies? Wht do you call the "game/main.js" in the div called "game" instead of calling that file with the others?
  2. Well, i tried again and result is the same: your game is resized as expected. (i press F12, choose Apple Iphone 5 & reload page)
  3. I've tested on Chrome v46 (Linux Debian), you game works without problem in emulation mode (iphone 4 + 6, landscape).
  4. Hi, it's possible to integrate your gmae in WordPress. Check this page on my web site (click on button called "Zoop: Pick them all"). You have to: upload your game folder in a folder on your FTP (i put my games in a folder called "jeux" on WP root folder) In your WP page, go to "text" (not visual) editor, add a div container for your game. Then add a script tag at the end of page to start game.
  5. It depends on how you store sprites. If you choose to store them as files, they won't be removed during uninstall. If you choose to store them as "application property" (using Web storage API for example), sprites will be remove during uninstall.
  6. Hi you can download data from a website and store it on the phone. Then in your game, you'll have to implement a "fall back" during phaser loading to load the default asset or the last downloaded. I don't have links right now but if i find one, you'll get it
  7. Gob0

    Phaser + Phonegap

    So PhoneGap works. Check in config.xml for the name of first HTML page for your game. If config.xml says "index.html" (the default value), then your game should be started with index.html file. Then, you can use Safari in developer mode to get JS error messages from the simulator (tutorial here).
  8. Gob0

    Phaser + Phonegap

    Hi, i use Phaser with Cordova (99% PhoneGap) and iOs apps works fine. Using ios simulator, you can get error messages and may be error will show. In config.xml, don't forget to set version on widget tag: ios-CFBundleVersion="1.0.0"
  9. i hope XDK has changed but i don't know more about it.
  10. Hi, You can host your game directly to a WebView object but frameworks do this for you and more. So why go "low level"? Trigger.io is cloud-based, like CocoonJs, i'm not fan of such solutions. Intel XDK (former AppMobi) have a big default (to say it nicely): your app can be remotely disabled by Intel and your app can't be open-source (source: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6965372). Crosswalk looks nice with Cordova. All these points lead to... Cordova! (and may be CrossWalk)
  11. Hi, It's quite simple (for Cordova & PhoneGap): you prepare a new project, add your javascript files, customize main page and run. The main "problem" is to deal with multiple screen resolutions and orientations. Cordova & PhoneGap are quite the same thing (Cordova is the open source version of PhoneGap. Cordova is maintened by Apache Fundation while PhoneGap is property of Adobe).I don't know CocoonJS. Well, unless you need some Adobe specific functionalities, you can drop PhoneGap. Then, CocoonJS need you to upload your project on their could to test/debug on your iphone/android and get final app bundle. For me, it's a deal breaker. So you got my opinion: Apache Cordova!
  12. Hi, i think it will be better if you add a "percent error" in you test. For example, if user move for 3 points up and 4 points left, it's hard to consider this move as a "drag & drop".
  13. In one of my game, i had a strange issue on one tablet: a phaser object (the sprite position if i remember) was sometimes null in the upate function. Never understand why. I've finally test object before using it. So i think you'll have to log objects states (null or not) at each step to find who is causing you brain pain
  14. Finally got a result with your codepen example Try this: game.cache.addImage('image-data', data.src, data);
  15. Hi, in my mobile apps (Cordova / Javascript / Phaser), i use this CORS policy and i can load / save data image (from a canvas element) without error. <meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="default-src 'self' https: http: data: gap: ; style-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'; media-src *; connect-src 'self' http://<localip>:<localport>/ http://www.mysite.ch">You can either remove or modify websites http://<localip>:<localport>/ and http://www.mysite.ch